Four #REI1440Project ‘Grams With a Camp Illustrated Twist


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Camp Illustrated is an idea that came to me near the end of an extended trip/move to California from Oklahoma. During that trip of car camping all throughout Colorado and beyond, art-making became part of the way I experienced the outdoors.

Traveling solo during that trip meant I had time to pull out the sketchbook and make an illustration several miles into the single track of a bike ride or back at camp. I came away from that experience with several illustrations of outdoor life, but wanted to keep making more while I wasn’t outside myself.

I had been using Instagram for some time and ended up following several people who posted really rad outdoor shots, capturing the spirit of adventure and inspiring others to get outside more. I figured I could take some of these pictures and recreate them as simple illustrations, always giving credit back to the photographer and sharing some stoke with the outdoor community.

Thankfully, people enjoyed the project and followed along! Below you will see some watercolor illustrations made from photographs tagged with #REI1440Project.

These particular photographers are special. These folks were selected because they have contributed to the #REI1440Project on Instagram more than any other photographers since the hashtag began! Kudos to everyone who’s been part of the #REI1440Project community and for helping REI celebrate every minute spent outside.

Camp Illustrated

A photo posted by reedmylips18 (@reedmylips18) on

Camp Illustrated

A photo posted by Jen (@livinglifeunscripted) on

Camp Illustrated

Camp Illustrated


A photo posted by Bryant (@forgottenpeak) on

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