S’mores Hacks: 3 Gooey Camping Snack Alternatives

Toasted marshmallows and camping go together like dorm rooms and dollar store ramen noodles. But if college taught us anything, even the simplest snacks benefit from a little late-night creativity. So in honor of National S’mores Day, we’re sharing a few of our favorite non-traditional s’more recipes. If your options are limited–or you’re looking to reach new levels of marshmallow artistry–try one of these tasty alternatives to the ultimate fireside treat.


No flame? No problem. If your fire options are limited, try upping your camp game with this bold take on sacred s’morehood.

Grab a crepe or something equally flat and delicious (we used a coconut wrap). Then slather on a generous amount of marshmallow cream, drizzle with chocolate sauce, and sprinkle on the crushed graham.

Pro tip: Bring some extra napkins for this one. It’s messy but totally worth every dripping morsel. (Mini marshmallows and chocolate chips are an easy alternative.)

Dutch Oven S’more Dip

Just when you thought Dutch ovens couldn’t get any hotter, dive graham-first into this s’morifically sweet batch of camp-dipping gooeyness.

Load up the marshmallows, chocolate and a little bit of milk. Then heat, stir and top it all off with a fresh layer of mini mallows (optional). It’s easy dipping and less mess from here, unless you’re the one stuck cleaning the pot.

The S’morewich

Melted ‘mallow, chocolate, toasted bread—what’s not to love? Grab a pie iron and clear your way to campsite MVP with this tasty take on s’morey goodness.

Pile up the classic fixins between two slices of your favorite bread and toss it on the fire for a couple minutes. The pie iron does the rest. Serve ‘em hot or cool—just keep ‘em coming. If you’re ready for next level camp cooking, expand your pie iron prowess into the world of breakfast sandwiches, dinner entrées and more.

Learn more about s’mores.

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