Our Favorite April Fools’ Day Jokes by Outdoor Brands

Here are some of our favorite outdoor brands’ take on April Fools’ Day. Kudos to those who got in on the pranks, jokes and fun.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research‘s new Performance Lederhosen with its new Vapor Shield Sweat-Trap technology helps outdoor enthusiast climb in German fashion.

Salomon FreeSki

Salomon‘s new MTN Blade offers a new way of alpine skiing for the ultralight backcountry skier.

YETI Coolers

YETI created an all-in-one outdoor cooler for your camping and hunting needs with its new Ridicooler.

ENO Hammocks

ENO announced a new product, AquaNest Hammock: “The AquaNest Hammock! With self-draining carabiners, super strong sealent seams, neoprene panels, next-generation smoothskin buckle locks and an extra durable tritec stuffsack that can hold the average O2 tank, this is the ONLY hammock you’ll need for your next under-water adventure.”

ENO Hammock

Source: ENO on Facebook.


Mammut helps outdoor singles find their partner-in-life by providing tracking technology and products to help singles identify. Follow this four step process to maximize results:

  1. Avalanche Beacon with built-in partner search for lonely singles.
  2. Identify other singles clothing logo.
  3. Track and find singles.
  4. Mark your date and live happily ever after.


Source: Mammut on Facebook.

Mountain House

Mountain House heard its customers loud and clear and created a new freeze-dried flavor for all your backpacking adventures.

Mountain House

Source: Mountain House on Facebook.

Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs takes warmth to a new extreme with the Down Balaclava: “The Down Balaclava. It’s EN rated to -60 and has an oxygen respirator attachment under the nose piece for those high country adventures…”

Sierra Designs

Posted by Sierra Designs on Facebook.

Toad & Co

Toad & Co help hipsters escape from the mainstream with camouflage clothing to blend into their surroundings.

Toad & Co

Posted by Toad&Co on Facebook.

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