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Mary Anne Potts

Mary Anne Potts

Mary Anne Potts is an award-winning editor, writer and producer who has two decades of experience using content to build engaged audiences. During her 15 years at National Geographic, she was immersed in using the power of storytelling to inspire change. After National Geographic’s print magazine Adventure folded in 2009, Mary Anne was tasked with relaunching it as a digital-only brand. In a few years, she had rebuilt the brand into a digital powerhouse with the fourth largest audience within National Geographic. She then was tapped to be the founding editor of a social-media first travel and exploration start-up, ROAM, which grew to 1.5-million followers within the first year.

Over the past year, Mary Anne has written feature stories for various consumer magazines about people fighting climate change—from a paleoglaciologist taking ice cores from tropical glaciers for Uncommon Path to a photojournalist building an archive of portraits of the world’s animals before they face extinction for Adventure Journal. She is based in Brooklyn, New York.

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