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M. John Fayhee

M. John Fayhee

For 12 years, M. John Fayhee was the editor of the Mountain Gazette. A long-time contributor to Backpacker magazine, he has written for Canoe & Kayak, Overland Journal, the High Country News, Family Camping, the Walking Magazine, USA Today, Islands, Adventure Travel and Men’s Fitness, along with too many other magazines and newspapers to count. Fayhee is the author of 10 books, including “Bottoms Up” and “Smoke Signals,” the latter of which was a Colorado Book Awards finalist. He has hiked the Appalachian, Colorado, Arizona and Inca Trails, as well as the Colorado section of the Continental Divide Trail. Fayhee lives in New Mexico’s Gila Country, where he is working on a book about a successfully completed quest to hike every day for a solid year. REI member since 1976.

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