The 1440 Project Reaches the Quarter-Million Milestone on Instagram


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Exciting news! Our Instagram community has tagged more than 250,000 photos #rei1440project, helping us continue to celebrate every minute of the day that is spent outside.

For those of you unfamiliar, we launched the REI 1440 Project in late 2012 and asked REI members to help us fill a full day  — all 1,440 minutes — in a virtual timeline with outdoor photos. Since then, Instagram has become a natural hub for continuing the effort, and we share some of our favorite #rei1440project photos every week on the REI Instagram account.

Our REI 1440 Project community inspire and impress us through beautiful photography. Meet a few of our community members and see why they love the outdoors. If you need a moment of stoke, check that hashtag!

“Being outside gives me a chance to recalibrate and gain a fresh perspective. A place to find inspiration for life. Outside is freedom.” – @andy_best

“The Arctic night is cold and lasts for months. Although it’s dark all day the sky displays the most beautiful light as the aurora borealis appears. To contrast the dark winter we have the never setting midnight sun in summer and we stay up all night, sit by the camp fire and listen to nature’s sublte night sounds. Eternal night, eternal light. I can’t think of a good reason not to be outdoors.” – @kinisiri

“My love of travel, exploration and adventure frequently brings me outside. I have a huge appreciation and fascination with the natural world and I feel most alive when I’m out in it.” – @mattbg

“I love being outside because the world becomes unlimited once you free yourself of indoor confinements, and we are meant as human beings to explore the unknown and dream big dreams in life. Creation begs the question: what will you spend your life doing with all this beauty around you?” – @ianandrewnelson

“I often pause & reflect on the many paths that brought me to an awesome moment. Usually followed by a heartfelt toast to serendipity!” – @captainmaji

“I love being outside because it is real. Nature allows me to experience the world without a filter. Mostly it is because of the feeling I get when I reach the top of an airy peak and realize that I want to see it all.” – @summitfever89

“I love being outside because being surrounded by nature is very therapeutic and relaxing. There is an infinite amount of beauty and each season brings a different look.” – @ukrainianprincess21

“Setting foot into nature has taught me a lot about myself. I feel as though my path in life has been chosen, and all I want to do is keep following the trail. Everything just seems to make sense when I’m outside.” – @fursty

“I love being outside because it is both beautiful and liberating. The outdoors always bring forth an element of surprise which is essential to the adventurous spirit. Every minute spent discovering new places is priceless, because time is so limited.” – @ravenreviews