Campworthy: S’maffles


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Recipe: S’maffles
Submitted by: Chelsea
Hometown: Bothell, WA

What do you love about this recipe? This combines my two loves: waffles and s’mores. The last time I made these was on a 4th of July trip. There was wine involved… which may have impacted the flavor (for the better).

Campworthy S'maffle recipe, waffles over the campfire



Waffles (three options)

Make Belgian waffles (or waffle of choice) prior to your camping trip and then bring them along. Or you can be super hardcore and get a waffle iron and bring all the waffle ingredients to camp and make them fresh over the fire. Seems like a lot, but you do you. If you’re feeling lazy (I get it), you can bring frozen waffles or even spice it up with Dutch wafers used to make stroopwafels.


  • Chocolate Hazelnut spread
  • Peanut butter (one word: decadent)
  • Dark chocolate (same word: decadent)
  • Marshmallows (1-2 for each s’maffle)
  • Milk (optional, but is nice to have because these are sweet) I brought almond milk.


Make your waffles pre-camping trip. Or purchase your waffles. Or make them at camp. The options are endless. I’m not going to write out instructions because it’s a bit of a choose your own adventure.

Make a fire. Check out this article if you don’t know how to make the best fire.
Set up all your ingredients so when you’re at peak mallow, you can easily put together your s’more. No time wasted.

Roast the perfect mallow. I’m a golden brown girl myself, but you do you. Burnt? Sure. Barely roasted? Why not. Or you can be like my nephew and just eat them without roasting them. Whatever floats your boat.

If you want to get fancy and have a fire pit with a grate, throw your pre-made waffles on the grate while you’re roasting the mallows. If you’re making them fresh at the campground, you’re on your own because I didn’t make them at the campsite. But that cast iron thing is pretty legit.

After your waffles are warm and your mallows are perfect, smear hazelnut spread on one side of your waffle and peanut butter on the other. One Belgian waffle = two s’maffles. Or if you want to go big, one Belgian waffle = one large s’maffle.

Note: the good thing about making Belgian waffles at home or at the campsite, you’ll have four waffle segments that are a great size for a s’maffle. One Belgian waffle = two s’mores. If you do the frozen waffle situation, you’ll want to use two and make a waffle sandwich of sorts.

If you want extra chocolate, throw on a couple squares of dark chocolate (I’m a fan of dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.)

Throw your mallows between the waffles and chocolate hazelnut spread and peanut butter and chocolate (whoooaaa) smash the waffles together and go to town.

As mentioned above, almond milk (or any kind of milk) is recommended as you’ll want to wash these down with a little something-something.