Intro to Trad Lead Climbing

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If you’ve climbed for a while and understand Trad Climbing Basics, the next logical step is learning how to lead climb. In this series, you’ll learn what lead climbing is, how to belay a lead climber, how to place protection and build anchors, and the proper way to fall.

  • View from above as man climbs up rock face


    Lead Climbing Basics

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    Read about the basics of lead climbing, including what lead climbing entails, how to learn to do it and what gear is required.

  • Climber scaling a rock while one person belays and others watch


    How to Belay a Lead Climber

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    Learn to belay a lead climber, including how it differs from top-rope belaying. We cover gear, setup, safety, communication and technique.

  • Climber inspects his gear rack of climbing equipment


    Gear Racking Basics

    54 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars

    Get tips on what cams, nuts and other gear to take rock climbing and how to organize it all. Also see some examples of gear-racking options.

  • climber places a cam


    Lead Climbing: How to Place Trad Gear

    68 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars

    Learning how to place trad gear is an essential skill as you progress as a climber. This article teaches you how to place stoppers and cams.

  • a climber setting anchor


    How to Build Anchors for Climbing

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    Knowing how to build a solid anchor is critical to staying secure. We’ll teach you the key principles of anchor building and a few common ways to build one.

  • a lead climber falling


    How to Fall While Rock Climbing

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    As a lead climber, learn how to manage the rope, to communicate with your belayer and how to position yourself before and during a fall.