Intro to Mountaineering

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If you’ve ever gazed at a snow-covered peak and wondered what it takes to reach the summit, this series can help. We discuss ways to try mountaineering as a beginner and the skills you’ll need to learn before you go. We also cover the gear you need, trip planning tips and a training plan to prepare for mountaineering’s physical demands.

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    Getting Started Mountaineering

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    Mountaineering can involve rock climbing, glacier travel and off-trail hiking to reach a summit. Learn how to prepare and get the skills you need.

  • a climber planning their mountaineering route, with guidebook and map in hand


    How to Plan a Mountaineering Trip

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    Taking the time to thoughtfully plan out a mountaineering trip will increase your odds of summiting and having fun. Learn how.

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    Mountaineering Gear Essentials

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    For new climbers, the variety of gear can be daunting. These tips help you get equipped for your next mountaineering adventure.



    What to Wear Mountaineering

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    Learn which clothes to bring on a mountaineering trip to stay comfortable in a range of terrain and weather conditions.

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    How to Train for Mountaineering

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    Get tips on fitness assessment and how to develop a personalized mountaineering training plan; also learn some specific strength-training exercises.

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    Mountaineering Checklist

    218 reviews with an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars

    Our comprehensive checklist for mountaineering features required and optional gear, clothing and accessories.