Intro to Bike Touring

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Ready to hit the open road and explore new places by your own pedaling power? In this series, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started bike touring – whether you’re planning on a day trip or a monthlong adventure. We’ll help you choose a bike for touring, give tips on how to plan a trip, and show you how to pack your panniers and bags. In addition, we provide tips on how to bike tour with kids as well as how to train for your next trip.

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    Introduction to Bike Touring

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    Learn how to get started bike touring, including what bike to ride, where to go, what to wear and what gear to bring.

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    Buying Advice

    How to Choose a Bike for Bike Touring

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    Learn what to look for in a touring bike, including geometry, materials, wheels, tires, gearing, brakes and other features.

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    How to Plan a Bike Tour

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    Considering a bike tour? We explain the types of tours and factors to consider, including cost, support level, group size, weather and more.

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    How to Pack for Bike Touring

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    Learn how to pack for a multiday bike tour, including where to put things and how to distribute weight for a more stable ride.

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    Bike Touring with Kids

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    Help your child develop a love of cycling by taking them on a bike tour. Learn tips to make sure they have fun and stay comfortable.

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    Bike Touring Training Tips and Exercises

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    Get cardio training tips and strength exercises to help you prepare for a bike touring trip.