Electric Bike Basics

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Looking for an extra oomph on your biking adventures? Riding an electric bike – or e-bike – can open new cycling possibilities. Ready to try it? In this intro series, we’ll cover the basics of electric bikes: where you can and can’t ride, how long e-bike batteries last and safety tips. We’ll walk through e-bike motors, batteries and riding ranges to help you choose the electric bike that best suits your needs and also give you tips on maintaining your e-bike. Plus, we’ll provide pointers on how to ride an electric mountain bike if you plan on hitting those trails.

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    Intro to Electric Bikes

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    Increasingly popular, electric bikes (e-bikes) expand riding possibilities. This primer covers who rides, where to ride, how to ride and care tips.

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    Buying Advice

    How to Choose an Electric Bike

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    E-bikes offer an efficient and fun way to get around. This primer helps you sort through your options for commuting, errands, trail riding and more.

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    Care and Repair

    Intro to Electric Bike Maintenance

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    Maintenance tasks on an electric bike and a regular bike are actually quite similar; get tips on e-bike care, including key areas of concern.

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    How to Ride an Electric Mountain Bike

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    Electric mountain bikes expand riding possibilities, but require you to use their power wisely. Get some riding tips plus guidance on trail etiquette.