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2021 REI Board of Directors Election

Active members*, vote March 8, 12:01am through April 26, 11:59pm PT

Meet this year’s nominees

Chris Carr
Chris Carr (he/him/his)
Incumbent nominee
Home turf: Los Angeles, CA
Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego; Master of Business Administration degree from the New York Institute of Technology
Experience: COO at Sweetgreen, a fast-casual, scratch kitchen eatery, specializing in healthy meals based on seasonal local ingredients; board of director for Hilton and a board of trustee for the University of San Diego and Howard University

Chris Carr brings over 35 years of global retail operations and supply chain experience to the board. He has a track record of driving superior financial results, operational efficiencies and excellent customer experience. He and his family bike, kayak and hike in California and Washington state.

    • I’m an experienced, global operator and supply chain leader. I held several leadership roles at Starbucks. I served as EVP, Chief Procurement Officer, responsible for shaping the global supplier base. I also led two of Starbucks largest business units as EVP, Licensed Stores Americas, responsible for 6,500 licensed stores and EVP, US Retail Stores where I was responsible for the brand and customer experience across 13,000 company-operated and licensed stores.

    • Being a co-op member is much more than a retail transaction. It provides an opportunity to be a part of an amazing purpose-driven community that understands and appreciates that a life outdoors is a life well lived. You can connect with employees who are passionate about the outdoors and helping others be informed, educated and geared up for creating healthy, memorable experiences.

    • Our trip to Kenya for a safari. Our local REI store team equipped us with everything we needed—from gear and equipment to advice—which helped make this trip rank as our #1 all-time favorite outdoor adventure.

    • Simply put, I’m at my best when I find time to venture outside. Spending time outdoors is a way for me to activate my personal refresh button. Outside, I’m in my most relaxed, engaged and innovative state of mind. There’s something uniquely special about being close to nature—it enables me to be in touch with myself, both mentally and physically.

Matt Compton
Matt Compton (he/him/his)
Incumbent nominee
Home turf: Portland, OR
Education: B.A. at Claremont McKenna College, M.B.A. at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
Experience: General Partner with the Oregon Venture Fund, investing in startups and growth companies in the Pacific Northwest; previous leadership roles with internet, social media, and software companies; served on several company boards including Simple Bank, Jama Software and Sila, as well as non-profit organizations like the Access Fund.

Matt Compton is a technology executive, start-up CEO, and venture investor with more than 20 years of operating experience in high-growth digital companies. He enjoys climbing, skiing, and camping with his wife and their two kids, who now both climb harder than their dad.

    • I bring two perspectives to REI’s board. First, as an outdoor athlete and advocate with a lifelong passion for the outdoors and many years of access and conservation work. Second, I bring extensive operating experience and insight into strategies for serving the digital, mobile consumer. I offer expertise in digital products, disruptive innovation, talent development and building differentiated customer experiences.

    • REI has a big mission and a powerful voice that can protect our outdoor spaces and help us all enjoy more of our lives outside. I’ve seen people from all ages and walks of life come alive in the outdoors and do things they never thought they were capable of. Enabling that sense of freedom and discovery is the co-op’s gift to the world, and I’m honored to be a part of that community.

    • My favorite gear is a set of Black Diamond ultralight cams. Some of my most memorable adventures have been on long alpine rock climbs, where the difference between being scared and having fun can be as simple as a solid #2 cam placement.

    • Our best family trips have always revolved around camping, climbing, and helping our kids develop their confidence in nature. The wilderness has also been the convening place for many of our deepest friendships and strongest memories.

Beth Newlands Campbell
Beth Newlands Campbell (she/her/hers)
Incumbent nominee
Home turf: New England
Education: B.S. in Business Management and Marketing, Cornell University
Experience: Retiring President of Giant Eagle Supermarkets; proven track record of growing high-performing businesses and cultures through data, innovation and talent at companies such as Hannaford, Food Lion, Rexall and Sobey’s; significant non-profit board leadership including the United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, health care systems and the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

Beth Newlands Campbell brings REI’s board over 30 years of experience leading and transforming retail organizations, paired with a deep love for the outdoors—you can find her and her family skiing, paddling, horseback riding and mountain biking in and around New England.

    • Along with my extensive experience leading retail companies, I bring curiosity, a willingness to listen and an enthusiasm about what’s possible. I believe engaging the next generation of co-op members is critical to our continued success. I appreciate and respect the employees in our stores, who show up every day to act as experts, guides and the embodiment of everything that makes us special.

    • The co-op provides a strong sense of community and connection to something bigger—when I visit our app or walk in one of our stores, I feel like I belong. This past year has been a trying time for all of us, and at the co-op, we put our members, our employees and our communities first in everything we do. I am very proud of the co-op from the gear we stand behind, the impact we have in our communities to the stand we take for the outdoors.

    • My recent camping trip with my older daughter and a brand-new puppy was memorable in more ways than one, and my REI Co-op alpine jacket and its throwback design reminds me of the coat my late father always wore.

    • I’ve been lucky to have access to the outdoors starting from a very young age. I remember playing outside all day, every day, riding bikes, making maple syrup and getting lost in the woods (or at least pretending not to hear my mom yelling for me). As an adult, the outdoors has been my balance, my exercise, my happy place and where I go to connect with my family and friends. I am thrilled to see both my children grow up with a deep appreciation and respect for the outdoors and preservation of our public lands.

Active voters*, vote March 8, 12:01am through April 26, 11:59pm PT

*To be considered an “active” member and entitled to vote, a member must have purchased at least $10 worth of merchandise, had a shipping charge of at least $10, or become a new member in 2020.