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2022 REI Board of Directors Election

Active members*, vote March 7, 12:01am PT through May 9, 11:59pm PT

Meet this year’s nominees

Tony Truesdale
Tony Truesdale (he/him/his)
Incumbent nominee
Home turf: Telluride, Colorado and Scottsdale, Arizona
Education: BS, Business Administration, Northeastern University; MBA, Northeastern University
Experience: Executive, retail industry. Former CEO and President of Vitamin Shoppe, a national specialty retailer of nutritional products.
    • I’ve served as a senior executive for major retailers including PetSmart and Sainsbury’s (a UK-based grocery retailer), and as CEO at Vitamin Shoppe, where I led significant growth in our digital business. I enjoy the fast-paced challenge of retail.

    • I’m drawn to the core mission of the co-op: getting more people outside. I particularly care about getting more kids outside. I grew up in New Hampshire as the oldest of six, and my childhood was all about playing outdoors and hiking. Because of the co-op’s structure and financial health, we can do things you can’t do in a normal retail environment—like closing on Black Friday for #OptOutside. That took courage. REI stays true to its mission and values while innovating as a retailer, keeping pace with our members and anticipating their next adventures.

    • Telluride, Colorado is my favorite place. It’s a little town of 2,000 people, in a box canyon, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Trailheads for spectacular hikes start right in town and can take you as high as 14,000 feet.

    • The outdoors is the place I go to contemplate big decisions in my life. The quiet of the woods gives the mind the ability to clear itself and help you see the right decision more clearly.

Liz Huebner
Liz Huebner (she/her/hers)
Incumbent nominee
Home turf: Bellevue, Washington
Education: BS, Accounting, University of Utah
Experience: Executive, finance. Former SVP and CFO for Getty Images. More than 30 years of experience in executive financial roles in telecommunications, technology and media fields.
    • As an experienced CFO, I bring deep financial and operational skills. I have helped build businesses and understand how to balance risk and reward. REI is already successfully navigating a complex retail environment, and I look forward to working with board colleagues to implement strategies that will ensure the co-op thrives well into the future.

    • REI is so much more than an outdoor retailer. The co-op is deeply committed to stewardship and is working hard to inspire its community to fight for the future health of our planet. It’s important we do everything we can to ensure people can enjoy the outdoors for many generations to come. REI knows that getting people outside is one of the best ways to get people invested in the future of our natural world.

    • I’ve been vacationing in Sun Valley, Idaho, for 27 years. It’s a year-round outdoor mecca. In the winter, I love to snowshoe and cross-country ski. In the summer, I love to hike, cycle (mountain and road) and play golf. That’s what I love about Sun Valley—you’re always outside and there’s so much to do.

    • Living in Seattle, it is hard to imagine not being outdoors. I have always done my best thinking while running or hiking. It clears my head and helps me focus on what is most important. I feel fortunate to live in an area where getting outdoors is easy and we are surrounded by natural beauty. The older I have gotten, the more I appreciate the power of the outdoors to center me in my daily life.

Active members* vote March 7, 12:01am PT through May 9, 11:59pm PT

*To be considered an "active" member and entitled to vote, a member must have purchased at least $10 roth of merchandise, had a shipping charge or at least $10, or become a new member in 2021.