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The founder experience

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Kobe Harris, Founder & CEO, KOBEESCO

"As a founder looking for connection to others working on similar projects, Navigate was the perfect fit. I was able to share with peers, use this network to expand my knowledge base, grow confidence, and provide help to others who are in a similar situation. I will always be thankful that I took the chance to apply."

Kobe Harris (he/him)


Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell, Founder of P W R her’d by V C P M, Inc.

“The Embark program has given me a community of fellow founders putting their stake in the ground right alongside mine. We represent so much more than what is seen on the outside. We represent generations of change just now able to come to light because of programs like these. As a founder, sometimes you have no idea what direction to go in or what step to take next. Through Embark, I found comfort and courage in taking those steps boldly forward.”

Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell (she/her)

Founder, PWRher’d by VCPM, Inc.