Outdoor classes and day trips during COVID-19

The health and well-being of our guests, our guides and the communities we visit is always our top priority. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we've worked tirelessly to enhance the health & safety precautions for every REI class, day trip and event. With these changes in place, we can now offer some of our most popular programs in selected locations?with more to come soon.

Updated September 14, 2020

We're excited to announce the reopening of our outdoor classes and day trips all across the U.S.
Starting September 19, you can join us for some of our most popular outdoor programs like kayak tours, guided hikes, and how-to-ride-a-bike classes. Find out what's happening near you.
Read on for details about the specific changes we've made in response to COVID-19 and the latest CDC guidelines.

Health & Safety Protocols

Health assessment

Participants, guides and instructors will perform health screenings prior to the event, evaluating any possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. On the day of the event, participants will again be asked about any symptoms or exposure and may have their temperatures checked. We also require all employees to check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms before each shift and to stay home if they feel unwell.

Face coverings

Participants, guides and instructors will be required to wear CDC-recommended face coverings at all times. When physical distancing is possible, there may be exceptions made during strenuous activities or when there?s a high likelihood of the masks getting wet. While being worn, all face coverings must fully cover the nose and mouth. Face coverings made of mesh or other loosely knit fabric are not permitted.

Sanitized vehicles and equipment

In our vehicles, high-touch surfaces are sanitized frequently during the trip, and the entire vehicle gets disinfected between groups. Gear and equipment intended to be used by one person for the duration of the event will be issued on an individual basis. Everything gets cleaned and disinfected after each event, or will be regularly sanitized throughout, depending on its use.

Dining and food preparation

For trips that include a snack or meal, each guest will receive individually packaged food and beverages, or will be served by a restaurant committed to following CDC guidance.


For overnight trips, tents will be assigned for the duration of each trip and cleaned upon their return.

Social Distancing

Small group sizes

REI classes and day trips have always been designed for smaller groups. Because of the pandemic, we are further reducing group sizes and offering?private group bookings. Smaller groups create more space in vehicles and let us spread out more during meals and activities.

Physical distancing

Whether on the water, on the trail, on bike or on foot, guides will support physical distancing between participants during activities whenever possible. Even while physically distanced from one another, participants must wear face coverings except during very strenuous activities or when there?s a high likelihood of the masks getting wet.


To maximize distance between guests, we will leave an empty seat or aisle space between all guests who aren't traveling together. We'll also have clean masks on hand for guests to wear. While inside the vehicle, we'll require masks for all guests in accordance with local health guidelines.


We believe that getting outside is an important part of everyone?s well-being. Our classes and day trips offer a way to get outside when many of us crave it most. We?ve made adjustments to our operations and how we?guide in light of COVID-19, but ultimately participation is a personal decision.

Our knowledgeable guides offer field-tested backpacking advice and introduce you to the history, flora and fauna of the Smokies.