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Annual Dividend FAQs

    • The REI Annual Dividend is a unique benefit of membership. It is your share of the co-op's annual profit. It is comprised of your member dividend and your REI credit card rebates.

      Each March, active REI members receive their member dividend in the form of an Annual Dividend notice. The refund is typically 10% back on eligible REI purchases.*

      Only active members receive Annual Dividend notices. To maintain your active status as an REI member, you need to make net merchandise or shipping purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) of at least $10 per year, unless you joined during that year. Member numbers are issued in one name and only that person receives the member dividend. Other family members can use your member number to earn a member dividend, but the membership can’t be transferred to someone else.

      Please note, your online purchase history is not a complete transaction record and cannot be used to accurately estimate an impending dividend.

      Questions? Call us at 1-800-426-4840 for more about your Annual Dividend or its redemption.

      *10% member dividend is typical but not guaranteed. Your member dividend is based on eligible purchases, which exclude REI Garage item, discounted items, gift cards, REI Adventures trips and services.

    • 5% back applies to REI net purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) including full-price and discount-price items, REI gift cards, services, fees and REI Adventures-invoiced trip payments.

      2% back applies to net grocery purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) through March 31, 2017. U.S. Bank cannot control how merchants choose to classify their business and reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify.

      1% back applies to net non-REI purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) only. Advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, interest or finance charges and fees, credit insurance charges, or transactions to fund certain prepaid card products are not eligible.

      You’ll receive distribution of the 5%, 2% and 1% you earn back each year as part of your REI Annual Dividend.

      Purchases cardmembers make after the final billing of the current year will apply to the following year’s rebate. To ensure that REI credit card purchases count towards the REI Annual Dividend, make sure that the name of the primary cardmember matches the name on the REI membership card. Please direct any questions about your REI credit card rebate to U.S. Bank Cardmember Service 1-877-734-8742.

    • Annual Dividend notices are sent in mid- to late March of the year following accrual. The notices go out to all members who earned a dividend on eligible purchases.

      Dividendable Purchases from REI include:

      All eligible REI merchandise purchases posted from January 1 through December 31, less any items returned for refund or credit.

      Non-Dividendable Purchases from REI include:

      Sale items, items discounted 15% or more, REI Adventures trips, REI Outdoor School classes, sales tax, postage and the REI membership fee. Service fees for labor, mounting, engraving and rentals are also non-dividendable. The purchase of a gift card is non-dividendable, but a member dividend can be earned by the gift card recipient when the gift card is redeemed.

    • Yes. From July 1 through January 3 of the following year, you can bring your Annual Dividend notice to any REI store and request to receive cash for your remaining balance. Stores have limited cash on hand; a request to redeem an Annual Dividend notice for cash may be handled as a check request at the store's discretion.

    • Yes, you can request a check for your remaining Annual Dividend at any time prior to expiration. While you can request the check at any time, checks are only sent to members from July 1 through January 3. Please note that no checks are issued for balances under $1.

      To request an Annual Dividend check:

      Fill out the online form
      You're here already. Why not finish the job? The online form offers a fast and easy way to get your check.

      Call us

      • 1-800-426-4840 (U.S. and Canada)
      • 1-253-891-2500 (international)

      Contact us by mail

      Return your Annual Dividend notice to us at:
      REI Membership Services
      P.O. Box 1938
      Sumner, WA 98390-0008

    • Your dividend expires on January 3, just under two years after it has been issued. A refund will be issued to you for any unredeemed REI credit card rebate. No REI credit card rebate is issued for amounts under $1.

    • If the Annual Dividend has been issued (or is in the process of being calculated), then the dividend is deducted from the purchase price.

      If an item is returned in the same year that it was purchased, then you receive the full purchase price back.

*10% member dividend is typical but not guaranteed. Your member dividend is based on eligible purchases, which exclude REI Garage items, discounted items, gift cards, REI Adventures trips and services.

Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Questions about your REI Annual Dividend?