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  • What’s my REI member number?

    You can look up your REI member number with our look-up tool. More tools and FAQs about membership are at our Membership page.

  • Can I cancel or change my order?

    After you press Submit, your order begins processing and can’t be changed or canceled. However, you can return your order after you receive it. Please review our return instructions.

  • How do I apply a coupon code to my order?

    Shopping on

    1. Begin checking out
    2. Enter the coupon code in the Payment method section
    3. Click Apply and finish checking out

    Shopping on the REI App

    1. Begin checking out
    2. Select Payment method in the Payment section
    3. Select Coupons & Gift Cards
    4. Enter the coupon code in the Code box
    5. Click Submit and finish checking out

    Current coupons

    For information on our current coupons, discounts and rebates, please visit our Coupons, coupon codes, discounts and rebates page.

  • How do I apply my annual dividend to my online order?

    1. First, add some items to your cart and begin checking out. You can use your annual dividend whether you're checking out as a guest or using an online account. If you're using an online account, you can link your REI member number to the account from the main account page in order to check out quicker in the future.
    2. Add your REI member number in the Billing section and click Apply. If you need help finding your member number, you can look it up at our Member number lookup page.
    3. Your REI member number and dividend balance will be shown. If there's an available dividend that you can use, it will automatically be applied to your order. However, if you change your mind, you can deselect the Apply your dividend box.
    4. Finish checking out.

    If you’re interested in applying multiple dividends to a single order, you’ll need to place your order over the phone. Please call us at 1-800-426-4840.

    For more information on REI’s annual dividend or if you want to look up your dividend’s current balance, please visit our Annual dividend page.

  • What's the difference between having an REI online account vs. being an REI member?

    An REI online account is separate from your membership, and you don't need to be an REI member to sign up for our really handy online account. An online account can help you speed up the checkout process, in addition to letting you view past purchases, create wish lists and write product reviews. An online account, though, isn't required to shop at REI.

    REI online account

    To sign up for an online account or to manage a current online account, please visit our Accounts page. Don’t worry, if you forgot your password, you can reset it.

    Did you know, if you're an REI member, you can link your member number to your online account.

    REI membership

    For information on REI’s membership program, including tools for existing members, please visit our Membership page.

    Email from REI

    For information on subscribing or updating your existing REI Email preferences, please visit our Email and mail preferences Help Center page.

  • How do I cancel my class registration?

    You can cancel or transfer a class/event by calling your local store and speaking with one of our customer service specialists.

    If you want a refund, you have to cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to the class/event.

  • What's my current dividend?

    Go to our Annual dividend page, you’ll be asked to enter your REI member number, first name and last name in order to find out your current annual dividend balance. You can also check your annual dividend on your iPhone or Android device using our REI App.

    For more information on REI’s annual dividend, please visit our Annual dividend page.

  • What happened to REI Outlet? What is REI Garage?

    For those of you who liked REI Outlet, our former deal site, we think you’ll love REI Garage. Here you’ll find great gear and an easy shopping experience. Think end-of-season closeouts and previous-year models that work beautifully in real-world conditions. Everything on REI Garage is new, unused, high-quality, and backed by the REI 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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