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Under 35 Adventure Travel

Trips designed with 18–35 year-olds in mind.
More affordable, more flexible, always in‑freaking‑credible.

What makes these trips different?

North America trips

Across-the-globe adventures

Your world. Your vacation. Your rules.

Working closely with younger co-op members, we designed these cost-conscious trips with 18–35 year-old travelers in mind. In co-creating these itineraries with us, our under-35 members made sure we included all their must-haves for traveling with friends and peers. Here’s what we came up with.

We have Under 35 adventures in seven different countries, and from coast‑to‑coast in the US, with more coming very soon.

"Five llamas walked up and just hung out by our tent.
It was pretty wild."

Gaby in Seattle

I'm so ready for that llama life
Llamas not guaranteed on *every* Under 35 trip, but delightful surprises definitely are.