Pricing Sale Items

REI is committed to offering you the best prices on the quality gear you need.

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REI members: Sale and clearance items marked down more than 15% do not earn member refunds on your annual REI dividend. Learn more about REI membership.

REI Garage Pricing

REI Garage (formerly REI Outlet) offers manufacturers' closeouts, overstocks, special buys and seconds. REI Garage products are not available at the same prices through REI stores or elsewhere on

Tips for shopping REI Garage

  • If you see something you like, grab it before it's gone! Due to the limited quantities of this merchandise, we cannot guarantee availability of any item or offer special orders of any kind on REI Garage.
  • Some products on REI Garage are marked down for the duration of a specific sale event only. After the sale, the price is adjusted up to its value prior to the sale. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • To keep prices low, we are unable to make price adjustments on REI Garage merchandise. Your purchase price is the only price we can honor.

REI members: Items on REI Garage do not earn member refunds on your annual REI dividend. Learn more about REI membership.

REI Garage Definitions

The following types of items are sold on REI Garage:

  • Closeouts: Items in discontinued colors, sizes or styles that are no longer part of a vendor's current product line.
  • Overstocks: Over-bought REI brand products from a previous season sold exclusively to REI Garage at special prices in order to reduce inventory.
  • Special Buys: Items made specifically for REI by a vendor, or items that REI obtains from a vendor at a discount, which we are allowed to sell in the current season.
  • Seconds: Items offered by the vendor to REI at a discount because of minor blemishes, discoloration or other imperfections; these may include refurbished or reconditioned items. 

Related Questions:

What if something I purchased goes down in price?

For products purchased on or in REI stores, we will honor the sale price if you purchased within the last 14 days and your item is the same product number, color and size as the item on sale. If so, we will gladly refund the difference to you. This does not apply to REI Garage (formerly REI Outlet) purchases, which are not subject to price adjustments. Contact us for more information.

Do REI Garage purchases apply to my member dividend?

No. Items for sale on REI Garage (formerly REI Outlet) do not earn member refunds on your annual REI dividend. Lean more about REI member benefits.

Why can’t I write reviews on

In order to write product reviews on, you must create an REI online account. REI members, remember that an REI online account is not automatically part of your membership.

Where can I find REI coupons, discounts and rebates?

We've made it easy to save. Get current REI coupons, promotional codes, rebates, volume discounts and free shipping offers all in one place.