Buying Gift Registry Items

Need to buy an item from someone’s registry? We’ve made it fast and hassle-free. Get started now by visiting our Gift Registry homepage.

Common questions about buying from someone else’s registry

Q. Why is my search for a gift registry returning no results?

A. You may have misspelled the recipient's name. Try entering only the first few letters of the person's first and last names. If searching for a wedding registry, try the names of both the bride and groom.

Q. How can I find an REI store near me?

A. Use the REI Store Locator online, or call 1-800-426-4840.

Q. If a member sets up a gift registry, do the purchases from that registry qualify for free shipping?

A. In order to qualify for free shipping, your (the purchaser's) purchase must meet the terms of the free shipping offer at the time the order is placed.


Related Questions:

How do I check my gift card balance?

Use our Online Balance Inquiry feature to check the balance on your REI gift card, merchandise credit or refund voucher.

How do I create a gift registry?

It’s simple. To get started now, visit our Gift Registry homepage. For more information, see Creating a Gift Registry.

How do I buy something on someone else’s gift registry?

We’ve made it easy. Get started now by visiting our Gift Registry homepage.

What’s the difference between the REI Gift Registry and a Wish List?

A Gift Registry is generally tied to a date-specific event such as a wedding or birthday. We track items your friends and family purchase from the registry. A Wish List, on the other hand, is designed for your personal use. Because your friends or family can’t find your wish list through the REI website, it’s up to you to share it with them. Learn More about Wish Lists.

Is gift boxing available for Gift Registry items?

Yes. At Checkout, just indicate that you are sending items as gifts. You'll then be able to choose among several gift-delivery options, including gift boxing and adding a personalized note.