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REI: No dogs allowed.

So, this is pretty neat but I'm going to call REI out on acting all dog friendly.  REI is not dog friendly and will not let you in the store with your dog.  Sure you can spend money on your dog in the store but no dogs allowed.  I'm a pretty frequent traveler and have not been allowed to have my dog in the store when it's way to hot to leave him outside.  I was told I could tie the dog up out in front of the store, not helpful.  I love so much of what REI stands for but this policy is very hard to deal with as a camper/traveler.  

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I love and support REI my favorite store .I just wished they would allow dogs. I’m retired my wife still works , I like taking my little fury daughter with me . I take her at any place that I know she is allowed in . She loves to travel in our little Casita travel trailer



REI used to allow dogs in the stores! I spent a lot more time at REI in those days.  Apparently there was some dog incident in a store and then they changed the rules. Very sad.


I get it. It only takes a couple people being irresponsible to ruin things for everyone.

We have two different REI's in our city, one that is dog friendly, the other, not so much. Has anyone else encountered this inconsistent pet policy?


I understand why store owners would not allow dogs. Obedience training is essential, and owners who don't train their dogs to be polite make it hard for those of us who do. I wish REI was dog friendly. Most visits, my dog would stay home. When away from home or need to buy something for my dog, bringing her into the store would be helpful. 

I hiked extensively with my lab mix, Mary. an avid hiker, and one of my best ever hiking companions. I understand that most retail establishments do not allow dogs, for very evident reasons (other than pet stores, of course).  REI is not a pet store.  If I ever have a dog again, he will have to wait in the car, or at home, while I do my business inside.

Enough of these biting remarks....

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