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Co Op Experiences

Peace of mind in uncertain times

We're implementing a handful of changes and improvements to all our trips to make them safer, more flexible, and as stress-free as possible for everyone who travels with us.

Where's your dream destination?

Yosemite: the jewel of the High Sierras

I went on this trip a month ago and am still raving about it to my family. The guides were amazing, the food good, and the scenery absolutely breathtaking! - Lexi, Yosemite Backpacking – Half Dome

San Juan Islands: a Pacific Northwest paradise

The guides were so kind, patient, and fun. The food was delicious. I enjoyed the flexibility and amount of down time. An experience I'll always remember. - Shannon, San Juan Islands Women's Weekend

Adventure travel done right

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to get into, we've got a trip that’ll make your dream vacation come true. Visit like a local, explore at your own pace, and eat like a king (or a vegan king, if that's more your thing).