Lake Titicaca ? Southern Peru Extension

Trip Length 4 Days
Group Size 2-8
Activity level
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$1,590 for REI Members
$1,710 for non-members

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Explore the world?s highest navigable lake by outrigger, experience the living culture on Taquile island, and spend the night under the stairs in an REI signature camp.

The sparkling jewel that is Lake Titicaca straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia. Famous for its crystal clear water, remarkable islands, and vibrant local culture Lake Titicaca is a must visit for anyone seeking adventure in Peru. Our trip explores the lake by outrigger, allowing us to experience the lake, islands, and communities as people have done for thousands of years. We?ll learn ancient weaving traditions, spend an afternoon with a local community, visit the floating islands of Uros, and hike the winding trails of Taquile island. There?s no better way to explore the lake at the top of the world.

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Trip Highlights

  • Explore the world?s highest navigable lake by paddle.
  • REI signature camp on the shore of Lake Titicaca near the Llachon community.
  • Understand customs that co-exist in harmony with their natural surroundings on Lake Titicaca.


This trip is rated as Moderate [3]. The entire trip takes place at elevations above 12,000' which can lead to increased levels of fatigue and other symptoms associated with traveling at moderately high altitude. This trip involves walking around cultural sites and rowing as a group activity in outrigger canoes but because of the altitude may feel harder than at lower elevations.

A conditioning regime that includes good cardiovascular activity is highly recommended for this adventure along with exercises and training in upper body strength for the outrigger rowing.

  • Paddling
  • Walking
  • Wildlife Viewing

What's Included

Accommodations for 3 nights; meals as noted in the daily itinerary; local English-speaking guides; one group transfer from/to Juliaca airport on Day 1 and Day 4; all overland vehicle and boat transfers as noted in the daily itinerary; all sightseeing excursions and activities as noted.


Hotel, 2 nights; Signature camp, 1 night.

Your Adventure Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive Lake Titicaca from Cuzco.

We enjoy a nice hearty breakfast before transferring to the airport for our mid-morning flight to Juliaca. Enroute to the lake, we stop to visit an archaeological complex known as Sillustani. This is one the world's largest necropolises. It is striking with over 90 "chullpas". These chullpas are giant and primitive stone cylinder mausoleums of over 30-feet high, designed with a top wider than the base. We continue on to our hotel where we check in and can choose to have a siesta before dinner. All meals included.

Day 2

Row to Floating Islands of Uros, Llachon. Sleep under the stairs in an REI camp.

Today is an early day. We rise with the sun and head to the pier where we?ll receive an orientation on our Polynesian outrigger. The outrigger is a stable, low impact way to explore the lake and reflects the style in which people have been traveling on the lake for centuries. Our first stop is the floating islands of the Uros. The islands are located about 15km from our starting point so we?ll have some time to learn about rowing the outrigger and the lake itself. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out for wildlife such as herons and hawks who are most active in the morning. We arrive at our host island midmorning. Handmade entirely of bundled tortora reeds that are constantly being replenished as older reeds rot away, these islands are home to the Uros, a preIncan people who migrated to Titicaca hundreds of years ago. During this visit, you will learn more about the history of the Uros and the important role the golden tortora reed has played in allowing them to maintain their traditional lifestyle.

After visiting with the Uros, continue on to our final destination of the day, a beautiful secluded beach where we will be greeted with a delicious lunch and introduced to our quiet little camp site. The afternoon is free for those that wish to rest but visits to the local Llachon community are highly recommended! In the evening, we?ll have a traditional Peruvian BBQ under the stars.

Rowing: 2.5-3 hours. Optional row to Llachon: 3 hours

Day 3

Row to Taquile and learn about ancient traditions.

A hearty breakfast is best paired with a magnificent sunrise behind the lake. If the morning is clear, you?ll be able to se the snow-capped mountains of Bolivia rising on the far side of the lake. Leaving camp behind, we hop back into the outrigger and begin our paddle to Taquile Island (15km). Taquile Island has been called one of the most beautiful islands in the world ? and we think you?ll agree. Although inhabitants on many of Titicaca's islands speak the Aymara language, Taquile�os speak Quechua as the island was once ruled by the Inca Empire. After falling under the control of the Spanish in the 16th century, island residents were forbidden to wear traditional Andean clothing and forced to wear Spanish peasant clothing, still currently worn by locals today. In addition to their interesting history, Taquile�os are known for producing some of the most beautiful textiles and textile art in Peru. There will be an opportunity to see some of the textile work on display during your visit. Wander the idyllic paths of Taquile and meet locals before settling in for a much deserved picnic lunch.

Say goodbye to Taquile and start back towards Puno. If we?re lucky and the wind is with us we can even try adding a sail to the outrigger, allowing us to sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views that surround us. Upon arrival in Puno, check back into the Casa Andina and have some free time before our farewell celebration dinner.

Rowing: 2.5 hours

Day 4

Say goodbye to Lake Titicaca and fly to Lima.

Enjoy a full breakfast before our early morning departure. Transfer to the Juliaca airport and fly to Lima.

Gear List

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