Calling all adventurous women–these trips are for you

REI Women's Adventures are extraordinary journeys for women who want to experience the world—not just see it.

You'll travel with female guides and a ready-made group of girlfriends. These lively trips blend outdoor activities with local spots, cuisines and communities you wouldn't find on your own. Plus little surprises we dreamed up just for you.

Let's explore this beautiful world.

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Journeys designed to delight you

Imagine—not too long from now, you could:

  • Zip-line through the old growth canopy of the Smoky Mountains
  • Kayak the San Juan Islands in search of whales, sea birds and serenity
  • Summit Yosemite’s iconic Half Dome
  • Wind down with a sunset yoga session while backpacking the Grand Canyon

Explore astonishing places

This isn't giant-tour-bus travel with a rigid schedule and a leader who never learns your name. This is indie-style adventure travel with a posse of women like you. Women who know that the road less taken is usually more fun.

We'll skip the tourist traps in favor of off-the-beaten-path highlights, paving the way for you to truly experience a place. The landscape, the culture, the food…

FYI, we love food. No matter which trip you pick, you can count on great grub and plenty of it.

Travel made simple and hassle-free

Travel is inspiring. Spirit-renewing. Sometimes even life-transforming. Organizing logistics for travel is, um, not.

REI Women's Adventures let you make travel a priority without making your life any more complicated. After you register for a trip, you'll be introduced to your personal Trip Specialist—a woman who's there to help you prepare and answer your questions along the way.

Meanwhile, we handle all the fussy details. Permits, ferry schedules, cafe hours, that sort of thing. So you can just kick back and daydream about adventure.

See all women's trips

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