Don't pay a premium for single accommodations

Don't have a travel partner? No problem! REI welcomes single travelers and makes it easy and cost effective to travel solo. While other travel companies usually charge a premium for single travelers in the form of a "single supplement" fee, REI offers options that make our trips far more affordable for adventurous, solo travelers.

How REI Adventures' Single Accommodations Policy Works

  • Option 1: Shared accommodation

    If you are willing to share accommodations with a same-sex roommate, we will do our best to pair you with another single so that we can keep costs low for both of you. If we are unable to locate a roommate for you, we will not charge you any additional (single supplement) fee.
  • Option 2: Single accommodation

    If you specifically request single accommodations, you will be asked to pay the single supplement fee indicated for your trip.

Off the beaten path

Of course part of the allure of adventure travel is getting away from run-of-the-mill tourist hotels. To give you the most unique and authentic experience possible, some of our trips feature camping, dorm-style bunkhouses and mountainside huts. These are often cited as a highlight of the trip, but single accommodations aren't always available for them. Check our trip information pages for each trip's specific accommodation details.

Note: Cruises and other trips offered through REI vendor partners might require fees for single accommodations regardless of a customer's willingness to share. See specific trip listings or call us for additional details.

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