Expert, indispensable guides

Our experienced, multitalented guides aren't just familiar with the places you’ll visit―they're practically locals. They’ll keep you smiling, well-fed and learning new things around every bend.

REI guides make every moment memorable

Our guides do so much more than lead the way. They’re pros at planning and preparation, for sure, but their expertise doesn’t end there.

What else do you get from an REI guide?

Encouragement and flexibility
: They’ll be your biggest cheerleaders throughout the trip, and will happily adjust things if you ever need a break or a change of pace.

Insights and knowledge: Each guide is like a naturalist, historian and superhero all rolled into one.

Safety and peace of mind: All our guides have advanced first aid and/or wilderness survival certifications, so they're ready for whatever comes their way.

Incredible meals: REI guides take backcountry cooking to new heights! You’ll never go hungry, whether you’re omnivore, vegan, gluten-free or something in between.

A group walks through a desert landscape