Travel FAQs

    • How long have you been in business?

      REI has offered the finest in outdoor gear since 1938. In that same spirit, REI Adventures has led the way down wilderness paths and cultural back roads to the most intriguing destinations in the world since 1987.

      What kinds of trips are offered?

      We have adventures that range from weekend getaways to three-week treks. We explore the world on foot, by kayak, canoe or raft, bicycle, safari, 4-wheel drive, cruise ship or a combination of these vehicles! Novices are welcome. We can teach you to kayak or to safely summit a mountain.

      How do I know what each trip is like?

      This website provides full details of each trip. If you still have questions, please call us at 1-800-622-2236 or e-mail us at

      Who goes on REI Adventures trips?

      Our travelers love the outdoors and want a new experience in a part of the world they have been wanting to visit. Our trips usually have a good mix of genders, and people's ages vary by trip depending upon a number of factors, including the activity level, duration and price. People join us from all over the world; your traveling companions are just like the people you meet at an REI store.

      What is your maximum group size?

      We keep our groups small — usually 16 participants or fewer. Our minimum is typically four, but it varies by trip.

      What if I'm traveling alone?

      About half of our trip participants are individuals traveling alone. We also have people traveling with a friend, a spouse or their entire family.

      Note: Prices are based on double occupancy. If you are traveling alone and specifically request single accommodations, you will be asked to pay the single supplement fee. There is no single supplement fee for those willing to share accommodations, though, and we will assign you a roommate if one is available (some exceptions apply, see individual trip details for more information).

      Please also note that there are a limited number of single accommodations available and that some trips with certain lodging options (such as tent camping or dormitory-styled accommodations) may not offer single accommodations, regardless of a customer's willingness to pay a supplemental fee.

      Can I be comfortable doing adventure travel?

      Adventure travel and physical comfort can go hand-in-hand. Join us for a hike through the Italian countryside, and you'll sleep in charming inns and dine in fine restaurants. If you prefer mountaineering, these amenities will, of course, be unavailable. That said, our camping trip arrangements are exceptional and comfortable. For example, our African safari trips provide spacious sleeping tents, a dining tent and a shower tent. Hot water is available. Plus, a full camp staff takes care of all the chores!

      Do you take children on your trips?

      Some REI Adventures trips can accommodate young people who are accompanied and supervised by a legal guardian and who can handle the physical and emotional requirements of the trip. Our REI Adventures staff can discuss whether a trip is suitable for your child. See our family trips for adventures offered for participants of all ages.

      Do you offer private departures for small groups?

      Yes. We offer private departures for all kinds of groups, including couples, families and friends, clubs and organizations. See our private departures page for details.

      Who are your guides?

      Take a look at our guides page on our site! REI Adventures finds knowledgeable local experts to lead our trips. We also form business partnerships with local companies around the world to provide expert leaders, transportation, hotels and other services. These guides know their homeland intimately, and are enthusiastic and accommodating. They 'show you the ropes' and encourage you every step of the way.

      What do I need to bring?

      Usually all you need to bring is your personal gear. We provide a gear list outlining needed clothing and equipment for each trip on our website. The gear list is also available through your Online Traveler Profile. For the majority of our trips, we provide the rest: tents, rafting gear, sea kayaking, commissary and camping gear, etc.

      What's the food like?

      On hotel- and inn-based trips, we dine in local restaurants and have the pleasure of experiencing a variety of local cuisine. We eat well on our camping trips, too, which feature an abundance of fresh, delicious food. On our high-altitude climbing trips, we use a combination of fresh and freeze-dried food. All water used for cooking and drinking is purified by filter or it's boiled. We can also accommodate special dietary requests (vegetarian, food allergies, etc.). Please refer to the specific trip itinerary for a list of which meals are included on your trip.

      How are your trips rated? What does "moderate" mean?

      We have active trips for every skill level, ranging from relaxed to strenuous. These guidelines will help you select the level of adventure that's right for you.

      • (1) Relaxed: Adventure travel at its most relaxed pace.
      • Activity: 1-3 hours most days
      • Distances: walk less than 3 miles most days
      • Surfaces: flat terrain
      • Elevation change: little to none
      • Altitude: less than 3,000 ft
      • (2) Easy Active: Great for newcomers to active travel.
      • Activity: 2-5 hours most days
      • Distances: Hike up to 6 miles, cycle 10-30 miles most days
      • Surfaces: flat or rolling terrain with some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
      • Elevation change: up to 2,000 ft/day
      • Altitude: up to 6,000 ft
      • (3) Moderate: For outdoor novices and above.
      • Activity: 4-6 hours most days
      • Distances: Hike up to 10 miles most days, cycle 20-40 miles most days
      • Surfaces: rolling or mountainous terrain with some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
      • Elevation change: up to 3,000 ft/day
      • Altitude: up to 10,000 ft
      • (3) (4) Moderate Plus:
      • Trips rated as Moderate Plus [3-4] are recommended for travelers seeking both moderate [3] and vigorous [4] activity levels. Please refer to daily trip itineraries for specifics.
      • (4) Vigorous: Recommended for fit travelers with basic skills
      • Activity: 5-8 hours most days
      • Distances: Hike up to 12 miles most days, cycle 30-50 miles most days
      • Surfaces: mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
      • Elevation change: up to 4,000 ft/day
      • Altitude: up to 14,000 ft.
      • Experience and a doctor's release may be required
      • (5) Strenuous: Designed for very fit travelers.
      • Activity: 10+ hours/day
      • Distances: Hike 12 or more miles most days, cycle 50 or more miles most days
      • Surfaces: remote, mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents, uneven trails with loose features.
      • Elevation change: up to 4,000 ft/day
      • Altitude: may well exceed 14,000 ft
      • Experience and a doctor's release are required

      Do I have to be an REI member to go on your trips?

      Although you do not need to be an REI member to go on an REI Adventures trip, REI members do get a substantial discount. As an REI member, you can apply for an REI Co-op World Mastercard®, which can get you a 5% reward on the cost of the trip if you pay for it with your REI Co-op World Mastercard®.

      Can I give a trip as a gift?

      You can, whether by purchasing a specific trip or an REI Gift Card which can be applied to any of our trips. There's also our REI Adventures' Gift Registry, which can be used for any occasion — a wedding present, honeymoon trip, graduation gift, birthday or any other celebration. For more information on our Gift Registry, please call us at 1-800-622-2236.

      Do REI Adventures trips earn a dividend?

      No. REI Adventures trips aren't included in the member refund portion of the REI dividend. However, the special REI member pricing discount is approximately equal to the amount which would be received as a dividend.

      Do REI Adventures trips earn a reward?

      Yes. REI Adventures trips are included in the 5% REI Co-op World Mastercard® reward program.

      What is TripAssure Travel Insurance Services?

      TripAssure Travel Insurance Services has specialized in travel insurance programs since 1961. For unforeseen circumstances that may arise, we strongly recommend the purchase of the Adventure Protection Plan. TripAssure offers Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance for REI Adventures. This pays for loss due to covered unforeseen circumstances or death, injury or illness of you or a family member. TripAssure also covers emergency medical transportation and medical expenses. REI Adventures recommends that you purchase this customized insurance policy that meets the needs of an active traveler.

    • How do I sign up for a trip?

      Reserving a trip is easy! Sign up online or call us at 1-800-622-2236. Our group sizes are small, though, so departures frequently sell out months in advance.

      A deposit is required when you sign up. Your travel specialists will inform you that your trip has been confirmed once your trip meets the required number of participants. We ask that you don't purchase airline tickets until your trip has been confirmed.

      When are payments due?

      Most trips require a deposit (usually fully refundable until 90 days before departure) and a final payment two months before departure. Weekend trips require payment when you book. Some trips have a special deposit/payment policy, which is noted on the trip itinerary. You can make payments online or by giving us a call at 1-800-622-2236.

      What forms of payment do you accept?

      All prices quoted are in US dollars and subject to change. Payments must be made in US dollars, and we accept Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover®. To apply your REI dividend or an REI gift card toward your trip, you'll need to book by phone.

      Do REI Adventures trips earn dividends?

      Trips do not earn REI dividends, but REI members do receive special pricing. You can apply your REI dividend as payment toward the purchase of any trip.

      Do you offer any discounts for repeat travelers?

      Yes! REI Adventures travelers are entitled to a discount to be applied towards their next REI Adventures trip. Travel with us within the following year and SAVE up to $200:

      • $200 off any trip in Africa or Asia or an Antarctica cruise
      • $100 off any trip in Europe, Latin America or Australia & New Zealand
      • $50 off any trip in the United States, Canada or Mexico

      Do I have to be a member to go on an REI Adventures trip?

      You don't have to be an REI member to go on an REI Adventures trip, but REI members enjoy many benefits, including a yearly member refund, discounts on rental gear and special pricing on REI Adventures trips. To learn more about the advantages of REI membership and to join REI, see our membership page or call 1-800-426-4840.

      Do I need a visa or passport?

      A valid passport is required for all US citizens traveling to other countries. Many of our trips take place in countries that also require US citizens to carry a travel visa. If your trip requires a visa, information will be included in your pre-departure materials. Learn more about visa requirements.

      What if I need to cancel my trip?

      If you decide to cancel your trip, the following fees apply and are due to REI Adventures at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation.

      91 or more days$0
      61 to 90 days$400
      31 to 60 days50% of trip cost
      0 to 30 days100% of trip cost

      For our Weekend Getaways, the following fees apply and are due to REI Adventures at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation.

      30 or more days$0
      15 to 29 days50% of trip cost
      0 to 14 days100% of trip cost

      Some trips have specific cancellation fees, which are noted on the trip itinerary. Please see specific trip itineraries for details.

      To protect your investment, we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

      What If I need to transfer to another trip?

      If you decide to transfer to another trip, the following fees apply and are due to REI Adventures at the time (prior to departure) we receive your request to transfer.

      61 or more days$0
      31 to 60 days$400
      0 to 30 days100% of trip cost

      For our Weekend Getaways, the following fees apply and are due to REI Adventures at the time (prior to departure) we receive your request for a transfer.

      15 or more days$0
      0 to 14 days100% of trip cost

      Some trips have specific transfer fees, which are noted on the trip itinerary. Please see specific trip itineraries for details.

      To protect your investment, we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

      Should I purchase trip cancellation insurance?

      Sometimes life happens, and you need to cancel your trip or return home early. REI Adventures cannot issue refunds in many cases. Travel insurance helps protect against last-minute cancellation, trip interruption and to cover medical treatment or emergency medical evacuation during your trip. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance in advance of your trip.

      What if REI Adventures cancels my trip?

      REI Adventures reserves the right to cancel all or a portion of a trip. In the event of such a cancellation, full or partial refunds, if any, will be at REI's sole discretion. REI Adventures is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by you in preparing for the trip (including non-refundable air tickets, visa fees, gear or medical expenses, etc.).

      What if my trip doesn't have enough participants?

      Each trip requires a minimum number of participants. If we sign up enough participants to run a trip, the trip is confirmed, and we'll alert travelers so they can purchase their airfare. Many of our departures confirm with as few as four trip participants.

      In most cases, if a trip doesn't have enough participants, you may either transfer to another departure date or trip, be refunded your deposit or you might be able to pay a supplemental fee to run the trip with fewer participants.

      What if I don't need every hotel/activity/etc. on my trip?

      REI Adventures doesn't give any refunds for unused hotel rooms, meals, sightseeing trips or trek arrangements. Trip price is quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used.

      Is airfare included in the trip price?

      Our prices are land costs only; airfare is additional.

      Can you help me book my airline tickets?

      If you're looking for the best price, we suggest contacting your preferred airlines directly or searching online for airline tickets.

      What are my responsibilities/obligations as a trip member?

      Camaraderie is a big part of REI Adventures trips. Your fellow travelers are also REI members: people who enjoy being active and exploring the outdoors. We encourage you to carefully review the trip information in order to make good decisions about which trips are right for you.

      Keep in mind that different travelers will have different goals, perspectives, experiences and abilities. With that in mind, we ask that the group respect each individual's conditions and needs throughout the trip. We want everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Often, trip participants become lifelong friends.

      By participating in an REI Adventures trip, you assume certain obligations to REI Adventures and the other trip members. It is your responsibility to:

      REI Adventures reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a tour participant should such person's behavior, health or mental condition impede the operation of the trip.

      Medical Considerations: If you have any medical or psychological conditions, it's very important that you let us know well before departure so that we can work with you as much as possible. Trip leaders have the right to disqualify anyone at any time during the trip if they feel the trip member is incapable of continuing and/or if a trip member's continued participation jeopardizes the group's or the individual's own safety. Under these circumstances, refunds are not given.


      REI Adventures may contract with independent contractors to provide transportation, guide services and/or all other related travel services. We assume no responsibility, however caused, for injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service provided by an independent contractor or resulting directly from the following: - acts of God - detention - annoyance - terrorism - thefts - pilferage - force majeure - civil disturbances - government restrictions or regulations - strikes - delays and expenses arising from quarantine - failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled - discrepancies or change in transit or hotel services over which we have no control.

      We reserve the right to make reasonable changes in the itinerary where deemed necessary or advisable for the comfort and well-being of trip members.

      By advancing payment to REI Adventures, the payee thereby agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

    • Who can submit a trip review?

      Anyone who has taken one of our trips is encouraged to submit an online trip review of your REI Adventures trip experiences.

      Do all reviews get published?

      No. We won't publish reviews that contain offensive/inappropriate material, have personally identifiable information, contain specific pricing or vendor references, are irrelevant to the trip or are not written in English.

      How long does it take before my review gets published?

      A third party moderator reads all reviews for appropriateness, so please allow at least five business days in most cases for your review to be approved and published.

      What are some tips on submitting a review?

      Please provide honest feedback about the trip based on your personal experiences. If you plan on mentioning fellow trip members, guides or REI Adventures staff, please give only their first names.