Group running through wooded area, paved trail.
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Outdoor Equity

Better trails to run, bike and roll

By raising our voices we helped create the new Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program.

Cooperative Action Network

Let's fund the trails transformation we need

Nearly half of the trips Americans take are within a 20-minute bike ride; more than one-fifth are a 20-minute walk.

Connecting pedestrian and bike trails within and across communities will make it easier, safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people of all ages and abilities to get where they need to go -- without needing a car. Thanks in part to the thousands of individuals who joined us in Cooperative Action last year, the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program was passed as part of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This program will create "active transportation networks" nationwide that:

  • Reduce pollution and traffic;
  • Increase physical activity;
  • Enhance transportation equity for people living with disabilities and in underserved rural, suburban and urban communities; and
  • Improve equitable access to outdoor recreation and transportation.

Raising our voices, together, helped create this program last year. Now it's time to get it funded. We need Congress to support robust funding for this critical program in upcoming spending bills.

Join us in Cooperative Action and urge Congress to fully fund safe, equitable, and climate-friendly transportation nationwide.