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America the Beautiful

Every 30 seconds, we lose a football field's worth of natural places to development. We can change that.

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A big problem meets an even bigger opportunity.

Every 30 seconds, America loses a football field's worth of natural areas to development. With these areas go things we can never get back: precious wildlife habitat, water and air quality, and opportunities to connect to nature. Losing nature also threatens our resilience to weather extremes like floods and wildfires and hampers our ability to confront the climate crisis.

It's time to change course.

To confront the rapid loss of our natural places, the U.S. needs a clear plan to protect our natural world. The America the Beautiful initiative aims to conserve at least 30% of our nation's lands and waters by 2030 in order to protect biodiversity, lessen the effects of the climate crisis, and expand opportunities for everyone to enjoy nature.

We need Congress to do its part. That includes passing policies that not only protect and restore our public lands, but also create new urban green spaces, employ youth in stewardship careers, reward farmers and ranchers for enhancing biodiversity in their fields, and work together with the tribal nations who have stewarded these lands and waters for generations.

Tell Congress that we can't afford to lose any more natural places.