greenhouse gas emissions reduction at REI

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Aspiration: Become climate-neutral in our operations by 2020.

Energy Use

managing energy use at REI

Aspiration: Grow our business while managing our total energy use.

Waste and Recycling

waste & recycling at REI

Aspiration: Become a zero waste-to-landfill organization by 2020.

Paper Usage & Sustainable Forestry

paper usage & sustainable forestry at rei

Aspiration: Align our use of paper with our values through strategic sourcing.

Green Building

green building at REI

Aspiration: Create buildings that reflect REI's values and minimize environmental impact.

Product Impact

product impact at rei

Aspiration: Know, disclose and address product impacts through their life cycles.

REI Sustainable Operations in 2012

  • Our total waste to landfill contributions in 2012 decreased 53 tons from 2011, a 1.4 percent reduction.

  • Approximately 20 percent of our retail locations have solar systems that generate between 15 and near 100 percent of their electricity needs.

  • While REI grew by 7.4 percent in 2012, we made progress in decreasing our environmental footprint in several areas, including an absolute reduction of operational CO2 by 7.6 percent.

  • We completed the installation of new ceramic metal halide spotlights in all of our stores. This lowers our energy usage by 4.1 million kilowatt-hours per year—enough to power about 13 average stores.