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Fitbit One Activity Tracker


    Fitbit One Activity Tracker

    The Fitbit One™ activity tracker never rests, even when you do. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed, and come nightfall, it monitors sleep and wakes you in the morning. See details

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    Item # 847934

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    The Fitbit One™ activity tracker never rests, even when you do. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed, and come nightfall, it monitors sleep and wakes you in the morning.

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    The Fitbit One™ activity tracker never rests, even when you do. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed, and come nightfall, it monitors sleep and wakes you in the morning.

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    The Fitbit One™ activity tracker never rests, even when you do. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed, and come nightfall, it monitors sleep and wakes you in the morning.

    • Fitbit One tracker uses a 3D motion sensor to monitor your activity while walking, running, participating in daily activities and sleeping
    • Tracker counts how many steps you've taken during the day, assesses how many miles you've traveled and calculates how many calories you've burned
    • Altimeter encourages you to walk up hills and take the stairs by tracking the number of stairs you've climbed throughout the day
    • Switch to Sleep mode before you go to bed to track how many times you wake and how long you've slept; a sleep quality score is assigned to help you apply what you learn
    • Includes a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at your desired time without disturbing your partner
    • Wear the tracker clipped to your pants, shirt, undergarments or to the included wristband; wear it clipped to the wristband at night to track your sleep
    • Sync the Fitbit One with your PC or Mac; free online dashboard gives you a snapshot of your daily and cumulative progress with graphs, tools and charts
    • Fitbit One can also sync over Bluetooth with certain mobile devices, including iPhones® and iPads®
    • Fitbit free mobile app for your Apple iPhone® 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch and 3rd generation iPad keeps track of your stats and celebrates how much you do each day
    • Receive badges and alerts on your smartphone for daily, weekly and lifetime achievements to help keep you motivated; receive a weekly email of your stats
    • Connect with friends on to compare stats, share progress, set challenges and cheer each other on
    • Use the online tool to log your meals, water intake, workouts and weight
    • Fitbit One plays well with several other popular fitness apps, including SparkPeople, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFITNESS, so you can track your health the way you want to

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    Item 847934

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    Fitbit One Activity Tracker Specs
    Best use
    Digital 3-axis accelerometer
    Windows / Mac
    1.9 x 0.75 x 0.4 inches
    0.28 ounce
    Analog or Digital
    Pedometer type
    Exercise log
    Heart rate display
    Tracks steps
    Tracks distance
    Tracks calories burned
    Sleep tracking
    OS compatibility
    User replaceable battery

    Fitbit One Activity Tracker

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    Fitbit One Activity Tracker is rated 4.1724 out of 5 by 58.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from GREAT motivation for getting fit I'd bought the earlier version, the Fitbit Ultra, to help with my quest to FINALLY lose those last pounds to my goal weight. This is what it took to help make a former couch potato a walkin', exercisin', movin' fool. But my Ultra died due to sweat contact (who was the genius who didn't think to make a pedometer sweatproof???). REI easily and quickly replaced my dead Ultra with the new One. The One unit itself is smaller and lighter than the Ultra, but unlike the Ultra, isn't a "clip" shape in itself. So unless you put it into your pocket, you'll need to use the included clip - making it about the same size as the Ultra in the end. However, the big differences (and bonuses, IMO) are: a) it's sweatproof (yay!); and b) it has a fantastic little vibrating alarm which you set via the desktop software. This keeps track of every step I take, every floor I climb, every calorie I burn, AND the quality of my sleep. I love that it synchs automatically with my computer, now via a TINY little dongle that lives in one USB port - and the charging cord it tiny as well. It charges VERY quickly and the charge lasts about 5-7 days,in my experience. My motivation comes from the goals I've set myself - 10,000 steps per day and at least 10 flights of stairs per day (you can set anything you want)...if I don't reach my goal for the day, I find myself making sure I walk around my house, if necessary to get my steps in! I now average 70,000 steps per week (time to up my goal!) - I used to average less than 20,000 (I told you I was a couch potato!). I also wear it on the included wristband every night to track my sleep - and that vibrating alarm, which I was sure I'd sleep through, REALLY works well!! Very quiet (not really "silent," but it's unlikely to wake a partner like an alarm clock would) and it really works! I set alarms throughout the day to remind myself of things like taking vitamins, appointments, etc. It's more handy than I'd expected it to be. The only drawback with this device is that it IS essentially a pedometer - so activities that don't involve step-like motions aren't recorded totally accurately - things like Zumba (doesn't count any arm movements), spinning, biking, etc.). You CAN overcome that by logging those activities into the desktop manually - but in it's next incarnation, I'd love to see that improved. But for me, that's a relatively small drawback and easily overcome with minimal effort. I love (and depend on) my Fitbit so much that I've literally turned my car around and gone home when I forgot to put it on in the morning...
    Date published: 2014-04-17
    Rated 3 out of 5 by from I needed something more I gave it a try for a month but felt that I needed something more. It was accurate with the running and walking, but did nothing for me with hiking, rock climbing, biking. Calorie count was totally inaccurate as I had to put in my own estimate for aerobic classes and other activities. I decided I needed a heart rate monitor and GPS and didn't want to wear both.....I think it's good for people who are generally trying to push themselves to do a little more throughout the day, such as walking and stair climbing-but if you are into a lot of different intense activities I wouldn't recommend it.
    Date published: 2014-04-17
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from This thing is amazing! I first read about the Fitbit Ultra in a golfing magazine - it was recommended in that publication for golfers to monitor the distance they walk. The review was very positive so off to REI I went to get one. I've tried a number of pedometers over the years and found most to be lacking in accuracy but not this little jewel. I have checked it several times with a Garmin Oregon GPS over hikes varying in distance from eight to ten miles and this thing is ALWAYS within 0.05 miles of what the GPS computes and I KNOW the GPS is accurate. I also use it to record altitude gained which it does in the form of "floors" climbed with one floor being ten feet. Again the fitbit is spot on accurate as compared to the Garmin. I have a account and whenever I bring the device within fifteen feet of my computer it automatically records the distance and altitude I've completed today. The badges awarded by are quite intriguing and fairly easy to earn for the first several levels but then they become a little more difficult. One of the neatest features of the device in my opinion is its ability to record the quality of your sleep. You place the device in a small wristband and in the morning you "log" your go to bed and get up time and the fitbit does the rest showing "awake" periods in the night and rating the quality (or lack thereof in my case) of your sleep. The only drawback is the device will not record stairs climbed if you do not actually step up in altitude. My favorite fitness device at the local health club is a rolling stair mill. Much to my disappointment the ultra did not record a single stair step after a 1000 feet of climbing on the device. It also will not record bicycle pedal strokes so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the next iteration will do both! I've taken the plunge and purchased a fitbit aria scale which also logs into your fitbit account recording your weight with respect to goals you've set. Scale is spot on accurate like the fitbit ultra (I've checked it with about 50 pounds of a known weight. All in all its a great system - the single most accurate pedometer I've ever used and a very accurate altimeter also. If your into fitness and/or backpacking hiking this is your baby.
    Date published: 2014-04-16
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great fitness tool! I wear my Fitbit One every day to track steps, distance, and floors. It's a great motivator and makes you concious of just how stationary we are at times (i.e., sitting at a computer at work!). My husband, my sisters, several friends, and I all have Fitbits, and we engage in friendly competitions each week to see who can get the most steps. The step count is really accurate. The mileage differs sometimes from my Garmin watch, but nothing significant. This version also allows you to track your sleep - I haven't figured out what to do with that information yet, but neat nonetheless! The only reason I did not give the Fitbit five stars is that my first one died after three months. REI replaced it no problem (so no issue there!). Also, Fitbit sometimes has issues with their servers, and there are periods of time where you cannot sync your Fitbit to your phone or the website. I think it's probably a product of how popular the devices have become in the last six months. Definitely not a reason to not purchase one, just something to be concious of. The iPhone app and online dashboard are very user friendly, and it's easy to sync your Fitbit account with, for example, MyFitnessPal if you already use that site to count calories.
    Date published: 2014-04-16
    Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not impressed with the Fitbit Obe I'm not impressed with the accuracy of either the step counter or the stair tracker. Both can come up with widely different results for doing the exact same course. The alarm works when it stays on my arm. But I wake up regularly (LATE) and find the armband has come off my wrist during the night and is hiding under my covers somewhere. It does stay nicely attached to my bra during the day. The one very positive thing ... my 7 year old son is infatuated with seeing how many flights of stairs he can do daily. I'm going to be returning this.
    Date published: 2014-04-16
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great product!! I love this product!! I have suggested it to my friends and family. Most of them have one now. I never really use the gym, but run/jog the streets and local stairwells on an almost daily basis. This product helps me on days I don't feel motivated...I look down and see a low step count, low very active minutes, or low floor count and I know I can do better...I hit the streets!!! The sleep tracker also made me realize that I needed to focus more on appropriate amounts of sleep. My first four weeks, I averaged three to four hours of sleep a night. This week I averaged seven hours a night.
    Date published: 2014-04-07
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Entertaining wearable computer. I used Sleep by MotionX on the iPhone for a few months to see if I actually wanted the whole activity tracking thing, and turns out I found it fun. Fun enough to blow my dividend check on a Fitbit One this year. So far it has been great. It is small, yet has a good battery, which lasts for about a week, and a clear but basic display for quick information at a glance. Though there is a cheaper model, the One has an altimeter, which is nice when tracking vertical gains. It's also pretty simple, which is a pro and a con. It is nice that it is so simple. One button handles all the on-device interface, and, at least for me, the software has been flawless on my mac laptop and iPhone, syncing without me having to do a thing. Set up was easy too - I did it on my iPhone in about five minutes. I know others have had problems, but they seem to relate to the Android app or to various PC bluetooth drivers. It's not so nice sometimes that it is so simple. I wish it could adjust to the sport I was doing (specifically skiing) - seems that the hardware could do it, and that it would be just a matter of software to track it correctly. As it is, it works best for walking/running. The data you get isn't as robust as I imagined. Seems that there is a pay gateway to get access to the more tasty data, and I simply didn't see any mention about there being a pay/free data split before buying into it. Overall, good product. Hope it lasts for a while - daily carry items tend to take a beating. It's more a toy for me than anything, but I can see how it could help achieve fitness goals one sets, or really help in any training regime. But it is fun, regardless.
    Date published: 2014-04-16
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good product, but not perfect I have had none of the software problems described in other reviews. My Fitbit has been problem-free since I started using it about a month ago. The only complaint I have is that it just doesn't know what to make of cycling. I commute by bike, so leaving it at home isn't an option if I want to monitor all-day activity. I went for a ride today. Fitbit thinks I climbed 99 flights of stairs and took 11717 steps. The ride was about 26 miles, and I did gain & lose the same 100' repeatedly, but I can't figure out if that's an accurate reflection of the day's activities. The ride probably burned about 1000 calories, and Fitbit thinks I've burned 1870 calories today. That's probably close, but I'm guessing. It does much better on running/walking days. I probably shouldn't complain because the product does not claim to accurately measure activities like cycling. Because I have the Fitbit synced to my Sparkpeople account, I cannot also log exercise because doing so would essentially give me double credit. Maybe that's okay - I don't need to be that obsessive about logging things! I like the sleep tracker, even though it's really just measuring when you're motionless. I knew before that I get up once or twice a night to use the toilet (I drink a lot of water); I didn't realize how much I move around at night. I've given up my illusion that I'm getting at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep a night. The clip is pretty tenacious. I wear it on the waist band of my trousers or on a bra strap. It hasn't fallen off yet. The inside of the clip can get sweaty, but I haven't had any performance issues. (The unit appears to be sweatproof.) Bottom line, it isn't everything I hoped for, but I believe it was worth the price. I would recommend it.
    Date published: 2014-04-16

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