ENO Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

Like to lounge in your hammock even when the weather isn't cooperating? The easy-to-use kit lets you create a relaxation station using any secure structure, from wall studs to sturdy posts.
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  • Kit includes 2 anchor bolt hangers, 2 lag screws, 2 washers and a detailed installation guide
  • Simply install the 2 anchor bolt hangers with the lag screws and washers to studs in your bedroom or basement and clip your hammock (sold separately) to the hangers
  • ENO Hammock Indoor Hanging kit has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.


ENO Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

Specification Description
Best use Casual
Material(s) Steel
Weight capacity (lbs) 400 pounds
Weight 6 ounces

ENO Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

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Rated 5out of5
by fromHanging In The House Have been using this for my hammock for the past week in a loft. Sleeping like a baby. The ENO Hanging Kit is secured in the studs. Simple to set up. Secured. Using ENO straps between hammock and hangers to make up for width of the loft.
Date published: 2014-11-04
Rated 5out of5
by fromBolt hangers... for your walls! I bought this because I was looking for bolt hangers to hang my hammock. Of course, ENO already had this covered. My set didn't come with any cord though.
Date published: 2014-04-25
Rated 4out of5
by fromGood Product I recently purchased these seemingly new product from ENO. I was actually looking around for a good review but I couldn't seem to find one so I decided to take a plunge. (Hoping that I wouldn't fall!) I don't normally do reviews, but I thought if this can help someone then I owed it to them. :) First: My setup is an Eno DN using Atlus Straps and the stock carabiners. I am 6'7'' and 235lbs so you can see my concern about attaching something to an overall 2" beam in a room. (It's actually less than that, but I'll explain that in a bit.) I have a man cave downstiars that I plan on doing a lot to but right now it's more of a rec room that isn't widely used by company. I love being in my hammock and I don't have a place outside to lay where bugs can't get to me easily or the weather. I also have a screened in porch that would be great to hang the hammock. The product: The pieces are great and solid. The lag bolts look sturdy as well as the mounts. The rope itself is in there as you the instructions explain that it's not safe to connect your carabiners directly to the mounts. Overall it's exaxtly what it says in the package. The instructions/installation: First, the instructions provided need to be followed exactly as it's a safety concern. Follow all recommendations. You wil WANT a stud finder to find the edges and mark in the middle. They did a good job of clearly indicating that with the measurements. One other step I'd recommend is pre-drilling your holes with a long thing drill-bit. The instructions recommend a nail but I found that the stud finder didn't always find the perfect edge and I was off. When you use the smaller bit you're looking for actually wood and not dry-wall to come out. After that, PRE-DRILL your hole with the recommended drill bit side or you can go one size smaller. This is so the bolt goes it and doesn't split/damage the wood which it likely happen and you will fall. After that, I just used a ratchet to screw the bolt in and BAM! I was done. Didn't take me more than 10 minutes to do both on their specifications. I'd also like to recommend you either go further apart to raise the hammock slightly higher off the ground or raising the height of the bolts. Product recommended 50" high and I believe 120" in length while this makes it safe incase of a problem, it's only 6 inches off the ground and almost impossible to get out of. I have it going to the next stud but the same height, so approximately 136 inches. Works fine and I have spent pretty much all weekend in it, so it supports quite a bit of weight when installed, though I have a DN and it's rated at 200lbs/mount I wouldn't recommend two people climbing in. They can go sit on the couch. :) One thing they don't say is the mounts are supposed to be verticle but realistally only one side will be if you hang it like they show. The other since it's not an opposite will turn when you sit in it. YOU CANNOT FASTEN IT COMPLETELY. It will go and drive into your drywall and STILL move after you get in it. This will cause your wall to be marked up. I'll post some pictures later of the damage, which is why I said to mount it in rooms you don't expect to be 100% perfectly nice. I am giving it a 4/5 stars which is great, but just 3 minor flaws: 1. Price - You can do the same thing with two eye-screws and some paracord which is what I will do for my porch outside, which would cost you maybe 3 or 4 dollars. It's not that expensive, but it's still not cheap for what you get. However, most people who buy stuff from REI know about cost/quality. 2. Tools - You're going to need extra tools. I already had these things so it wasn't an increase of cost to me but you don't want to cut corners here so you're going to need what they recommend. 3. It's going to mess up your wall. Do it right the first time and it might just be a little, but if you mess up it's possible to rip out partof your wall or the stud. Sorry for the long review! I'm just hoping it was helpful. I'd definitely buy it again if I wanted to mount my hammock in other rooms, but outdoors I'll just stick with the eye-screws.
Date published: 2013-05-05
Rated 4out of5
by fromBest indoor hanging kit I put it up in my room and its the best thing in there. I sleep in my hammock almost every night. the only thing I did was put a bigger washer behind it just for more space from the wall. It rubs on the wall a bit but not to bad. I am going to buy more for other parts of the house. There that good.
Date published: 2013-07-15

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