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      New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail-Running Shoes - Men's

      New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail-Running Shoes - Men's

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      • 0mm heel-to-toe drop encourages a natural midfoot or forefoot strike
      • Durable, lightweight synthetic leather uppers feature ample mesh paneling so your feet can breathe and stay cool
      • Synthetic linings wick perspiration away from your feet and dry quickly to discourage the development of blisters; antimicrobial treatment discourages odors
      • Lightweight EVA midsoles offer super flexibility and featherweight cushion
      • Minimal Vibram® rubber outsoles provide excellent grip on the trails
      • New Balance MT00 Minimus men's trail-running shoes are designed to be worn with or without socks


      New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail-Running Shoes - Men's

      Specification Description
      Best use Running
      Running shoe type Minimalist
      Footwear height Ankle
      Footwear closure Lace-up
      Waterproof No
      Upper Synthetic leather/polyester/nylon blend mesh
      Lining Polyester/nylon blend
      Midsole EVA
      Outsole Vibram rubber
      Heel-to-toe drop (mm) 0
      Average footwear weight (pair) 8.8 ounces
      Gender Men's

      New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail-Running Shoes - Men's

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      Rated 1out of5
      by fromGreat.... for a week very comfortable. the tops started shredding off after a few days use. for indoor use or non-rough terrain these might hold up...maybe
      Date published: 2013-04-06
      Rated 1out of5
      by fromLike tissue I was very excited to get my shoes in the mail. They run great and look great. The problem is that they only held up for ten miles before they started to fall apart. After my second run with them I discovered the green rubber outsole was peeling away from the black foam midsole. I glued the outsole back together and went for a run the next day. After that run I found the lining coming unglued. I have high hopes for these shoes in the future but for now I think I'll have to return them and go with something more durable.
      Date published: 2012-04-20
      Rated 1out of5
      by fromGreat Shoe, Poor Durability I really do love this shoe - it's got great looks, great traction and is incredibly light. Unfortunately, it is also disintegrating in front of my eyes. After only a few weeks of use (Crossfit, some long trail runs), the front treads are pulling away from the sole of the shoe. I understand that minimalist shoes are meant to be light, but I feel like quality was also sacrificed. I'm planning on returning these and getting a different pair with a more substantial tread pattern.
      Date published: 2012-05-16
      Rated 3out of5
      by fromFirst Run on MT00 These shoes are comfortable and lightweight. However, the trails I run on have very long stretches of small to medium sized rocks. Many of the rocks have sharp edges. The sole on these shoes does not give enough protection on this type of trail. If I ran on trails with short stretches of rocks, these shoes would be good.
      Date published: 2012-06-08
      Rated 3out of5
      by fromAlmost there The raised arch support of the original Minimus line combined with the poor flexibility of the soles kept me away. The MT00 has no arch support and the sole is very flexible, so I was finally ready to give the Minimus a try. For many years I had run in New Balance shoes, but recently switched to Newtons and Vivobarefoot. I have embraced natural running and am never going back to the heavy and overly designed motion control shoe. I am happy to see New Balance moving into this market also. To the shoe. Pros- Very light Very flexible Perfect fit for my foot (Your experience will vary by foot type) Zero DROP! Thank you New Balance Cons- Poor protection for a trail shoe -To save on weight they have removed much of the hard rubber from the sole. This greatly increases the flexibility of the shoe and reduces weight, but does opens much of the shoe to sharp objects on the trail. I hope a compromise can be found to provide better protection in future versions. Wears quickly - The areas that do have rubber have worn down very quickly. I run on a combination of road and trail and the lugs have worn flat in only two months. Not durable enough for such a costly shoe. Not very breathable - my feet become too hot and sweat is not able to escape well enough to allow me to wear the shoe without socks. The MT00 is a great improvement for the Minimus line and I look forward to new versions. It is my hope that a more durable version is coming. As much as I love to wear and run in the MT00 I would not buy another pair of this version. I just can't afford 6 pairs a year.
      Date published: 2012-07-16
      Rated 4out of5
      by fromLightweight, breathable, good looking I came from using the original Minimus Roads (4 mm heel drop) prior to wearing these, as I wanted a shoe with 0 mm heel drop. If you're not accustomed to minimalist running, definitely take the time to transition to any minimalist shoe by starting slow and low mileage and working your way up. I've put in about 300 miles into the shoe with the longest single run as 16 miles and I love how it feels. It's extremely lightweight, flexible, and breathable. You can see your feet through the mesh of the shoe. As a side, your feet will briefly get moist when running even through small puddles and wet grass. It wasn't bothersome to me as they quickly dry after running through it. (I haven't run through rain yet but I imagine your feet would be wet all the time). I normally wear the Injinji socks with the shoes as a preference and have no problems in terms of my feet. However I have worn it once without socks for about 6 miles and I didn't have any chaffing, although some reviews have mentioned that it may or may not be a problem. Although the sole is composed of big lugs in its design, you still have a good ground feel and will definitely still feel rocks and pubbles on the road or trail. The toebox is also spacious to allow your toes to expand as you run. The main issue I have with the shoe is that it is not as durable, which I can understand as the tradeoff of lightweight material versus durability. The mesh, see-through top part of the toebox where the base of your toes bend with your foot has shown wear. On my right foot, you can see the crease it makes in the mesh. On my left foot, the crease has widened to an actual hole in the mesh. Although it doesn't actually affect running, the fact that there's a small hole in the top of my shoe can be bothersome. Overall, the shoe itself as a minimalist shoe is great and it fits me well. A lot of people have complimented that it looks like a racing shoe based on it's minimalist, sleek profile. The durablity is an issue, but not enough to stop me from wearing them.
      Date published: 2012-07-13
      Rated 4out of5
      by fromThe best so far I found these by coincidence and they seemed like a dream come true. It is hard to believe how light they are! They fit my narrow feet perfectly, but you have to be careful with the tongue. I have found them to be about the same as the Merrill Trail Glove with regards to protection from rocks, but they are otherwise more comfortable and I think they have better traction (they are a marked improvement on 5 Fingers in my opinion). I have run on roads, trails, and tracks (it is like running in spikes, though I was not able to run very fast in them). The cloth over the big toe has come loose in one of them, but the tread has otherwise held up like new. I joked with my friends I talk to about things like this they are like my feet, only better, and that is an approximation of the NB marketing. Unless you run on trails with lots of small stones, you will love them. They make barefoot-style running and walking as easy as it can be.
      Date published: 2012-07-28
      Rated 5out of5
      by fromPerforms marvelously! First lets talk about the first thing about this shoe that I noticed. Its amazingly light weight. I have been road running in my KSO's for about two years and owned a pair of the MT10 all weather (multisport as they called them) for my trail running. The KSO's were my lightest shoe in my aresenal weighing in around 5.5 ounces or so for my size 46. When I bought the MT00 they weigh in at just 4.4 ounces on my size 13. It is INCREDIBLE how lightweight they are. It was like feathers on my feet on the trail. A+ for minimal footwear there New Balance. How does this lightweight build effect the stability and impact resistance of the rocky trails? I run in the Patapsaco State Park in Maryland where there are frequent rivers running through it covered from anything from large rocks (about three feet wide) to sandy pebbles to normal dirt. The trails are widely varied and so a couple runs out in the park put these shoes to use on most trail running terrain. I love these shoes. The cored out sole makes for the light weight shoe that feels great, but the closeness of the lugs together in the midfoot (the EVA foam which is black in the picture) on top of the extra heavily protected front and rear lugs (the green vibram rubber in the picture) provided more than enough protection from all of the terrain I faced out on the trail. With my older MT10's the worst part of any trail to run (or walk on for that matter) was a trail that contained any amount of rocks less than an inch wide but bigger than a pebble (think rocks you would skip on water size). When you hit a section of these rocks in the old MT10's, you really felt it and even went as far as hurting (and if you did this in KSO's, you were tiptoeing in pain through the part). In these MT00's the run through this part that I dread was incredible. I could feel the rocks underneath of my foot, but the pain was no where to be found. I was so shocked I turned around and ran this section on the way back just to make sure I wasn't skipping the painful ones by nature. 5/5 on protection from the trails terrain. How about the ground feel? With these shoes, the sole is about 10 mm. This is more than double the sole on my KSO's, so the ground feel is relatively muted on flat dull surfaces. However, that is not to say that there is no ground feel to them at all. I was able to feel and then visually confirm what I was stepping on and I could still tell the difference in the terrain I was traversing (be it rocky or muddy or sandy). All things considered, the ground feel falls in at around a 3/5 when compared to a more minimal shoe like the KSO. On this same rating scale, I would put the MT10 at about a 3/5 as well. There is not much difference between ground feel in the MT10 and the MT00 however there is a significant difference in protection as I stated earlier. How do they fit? My feet have no unique qualities about them. They are not abnormally wide, the toes are not odd lengths, I just have an average big foot. I normally wear a size 12 in a tennis shoe, however, because of the last that is used to create this shoe and the wide toe box, the tip of the shoe is curved on the outside until it comes to a point at the big toe. However, I am not sure of any foot that is actually shaped like the front of the shoe and so in a size 12 of the MT00 (and also this occurred in the MT10's) my third toe is jammed against the front of the shoe, causing severe discomfort. This caused me to buy a size 13 in both the MT00 and the MT10. There is a little bit extra room in the front of the shoe, and I feel like if they made a 12.5 then this issue would be resolved, so if you have smaller feet (like a size 9 for instance), I would suggest going a half size up from your normal shoe size if your second and third toe are close to the length of your big toe. Sockless wear; How do they feel? The inside is a very interesting feel. The upper is an odd material that is extremely light weight but does an incredible job of keeping out debris. The mesh-like part (the green in the picture) is actually so thin its see through which allows a lot of breathability to the foot to keep from sweat building up. After several miles on these guys my feet come out dry and sweat free everytime. The one problem I have had with these is how the tongue of the shoe connects to the upper. At the very bottom of the tongue, there is a small seam. This seam (and this is possibly because of my upsized fitting) rubbed against the top of my big toe on both feet causing a slight blister to occur after a four mile run (this was not noticed until the last mile of the run either) which was quite painful. Since then I have been wearing with socks for any run over three miles and the problem has completely disappeared. Minus the one issue with the tongue I had after a long run, the inside is more comfortable than last years MT10. 4.5/5 for inside comfortability and feel. Other things: This shoe is lightweight, uniquely light, and amazingly breathable through the upper. The tread is not extremely aggressive but that vibram rubber provides all the traction that is needed. Crossing a path of rocks across a river was no issue in the new MT00 and the speed of my run barely had to slow down. My foot was sure and the grip was wonderful. And of course, above all for you minimalists out there, the MT00 has the zero drop which the MT10 didn't have (it was 4mm drop) causing your running form to be unhindered by any unwanted heel-toe drop. I strongly recommend these to any person wanting to buy some great outdoor shoes that enjoy running or hiking. They are extremely comfortable for all day use when hiking outside and their lightweight build allows them to provide just as much support as a regular hiking boot with fractions of the weight your body has to carry. If you aren't tackling extremely technical trails, but want more support than say the KSO or MT10's provided you, you want this shoe. It is amazing and has instantly become my go to shoe for any outdoor running or hiking that I will be doing. All in all I get the barefoot neutral running/walking gait that I want without the worry of watching every step so I don't land on a rock that could bruise my foot and put me on the side lines for a while. Great shoe, 5/5 for the idea behind the shoe and the execution by the NB minimus team.
      Date published: 2012-03-27

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