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Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock


    Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock

    The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip hammock has a comfortable, asymmetric shape and a large, protective rainfly. This version features a side-entry, double-slider zipper. See details

    • $169.95

    Item # 799606

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    The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip hammock has a comfortable, asymmetric shape and a large, protective rainfly. This version features a side-entry, double-slider zipper.

    Product size and color

    The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip hammock has a comfortable, asymmetric shape and a large, protective rainfly. This version features a side-entry, double-slider zipper.

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    The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip hammock has a comfortable, asymmetric shape and a large, protective rainfly. This version features a side-entry, double-slider zipper.

    • This general-purpose hammock is an excellent and economical choice for those who like to travel light
    • Asymmetric hammock bed improves comfort; asymmetric rainfly improves coverage
    • Provides comfort for those up to 6 ft. and 250 lbs., with more room for shoulders at one end
    • Strong #10 zipper features double sliders for easy adjustments to the hammock and mesh; entry is from the side on this Hennessy model
    • Patented integral ridgeline maintains the same comfortable shape every time to keep your back straight and level when resting on the diagonal
    • No-see-um mesh provides excellent insect protection and ventilation, and will deflect wind to provide a calm space inside
    • Waterproof polyester ripstop rainfly may be tilted to any angle, rolled up above, removed or used separately; large rainfly offers ample protection
    • Nifty gear pocket slides on the ridgeline and stores out of sight behind your head
    • Suspension system includes 10 ft. long, 1500 lb. test low-stretch polyester core ropes with polyester cover
    • Complementary polyester webbing straps are attached to the end of the suspending ropes to protect the tender bark of trees and provide greater span for the ropes
    • Expedition Asym Zip hammock folds into an open-air lounger/chair or can be used on the ground as a tent when paired with your hiking poles


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    Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock Specs
    Best use
    250 pounds
    2 lbs. 13 oz.
    1.3 kilograms
    2 lbs. 13 oz.
    7 x 10 inches
    100 x 48 inches
    274 x 192 centimeters
    Polyester no-see-um mesh /oxford nylon
    Ripstop polyester
    Non-freestanding shelter
    Sleeping capacity
    Weight capacity (lbs)
    Minimum trail weight
    Minimum trail weight - metric
    Packaged weight
    Packed size
    Floor dimensions
    Floor dimensions - metric
    Canopy fabric
    Rainfly fabric
    Design type

    Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock

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    Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 8.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent, but not for all occasions Love, love, love this hammock setup. Add the snake-skins for super-fast breakdown without having to get everything dirty on the ground. Pro: - You can set it up anywhere with good-sized trees or tie-downs. - Without large trees, it still works as a make-shift tent if you have a poles or bushes or whatever - Bug net works - cooler on hot nights - fast setup and comfy regardless of ground conditions - The line inside the enclosure is great for hanging socks to dry, and there's a little pouch for need-quick items like your headlamp - I'm 5'10" and have room for my boots and a few small items in there with me Con: - you need sturdy tie-offs - I end up packing some tent pegs because once you find good trees, there never seem to be good tie-downs for the fly and anti-sway bungees - cooler on cold nights too. Bring a sleep pad and/or warmer sleeping bag if temps will be below 45F. This probably negates weight savings. - They make models for multiple people, but this is a solo hammock. Obviously, you don't save weight if you're traveling with multiple people who would otherwise distribute the tent pieces. Observations: - bring extra line (I always have a few lengths of para-cord) in case you have to tie off to giant trees like we do in the PNW. A few loops of para-cord makes a great tie-down point when you can't reach all the way around a tree with the hammock rope or straps. - if you can't tie a knot, you might want to study for a few minutes. A good taut-line hitch is worth figuring out. - weighs about what a tent would - generally stable once you get the hang of it - Practice setting this thing up. Too much sag and you'll be uncomfortable scrunched up in the middle or with your knees locked and feet numb. - I sleep with a mid-weight military issued patrol bag (allegedly 30F, but I'd say more like 40F) inside a bivvy bag with a Thermarest Prolite 3 inside the bivvy. I'm apparently a cold sleeper, because at 40F with negligible winds, I was on the verge of being uncomfortable. - a small compression sack would be very useful for this. - If you're going to use it, consider your location. Not much advantage to a hammock if you're going to be above the tree-line! People who downgrade their ratings for that are idiots. Know your environment and plan accordingly.
    Date published: 2014-04-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love It! I've used my Expedition on several backcountry trips to Mount Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park. Forget about trying to find a flat patch of ground, clearing it of sticks/stones/debris to get comfortable! Find two trees, tie it up, get good sleep. These just saved my butt Memorial Day Weekend camping out at Mora in the Olympic National Park. Who would have thought it would rain in a rainforest, right? We slept high and dry with no worries. For backpacking, you will realize a significant decrease in both weight and space if you switch to a Hennessy, which for me is huge. Highly recommended.
    Date published: 2014-04-12
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Super for Scouting Used for scouting trips in 4 seasons weather. Excellent product, only real drawback is the size of the hammock, could be wider and longer. Must buy the snake skins to get the full value of a convenient pack up size.
    Date published: 2014-04-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from hennessy hammock I knew I had made the right choice when we were all sitting around the fire and i was the only one not on a cold wet rock. I've had it in the woods 9 days since i bought it 4 days it rained like crazy, the fly doesn't seem big enough but i never got wet. I wish i would have had one of these on my thru hike. They really allow you to shed things like tent, tarp, sleeping pad,and the need to stay in shelters instead of anywhere you want. i do think i'm going to upgrade to woopie straps and snake skins. the only draw back i noticed is when it gets cold out you know it quick, also i almost didn't buy this because of the color but it doesn't look nearly as bad in person. good luck to all and happy hanging
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great, lightweight product The hammock is comfortable if you lay in it diagonally, and decently easy to set up. However, it does take a fair amount of time to tie the round the tree knots; there could be some mechanism to expedite this process.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome but Brrrrr Cold This hanger is superb. Great design. Love the construction. Easy to hang and bone dry. But you need to ask yourself where and when you are going to use this shelter because it has a specific design purpose. I sleep warm, and I was 'shiver me timbers' at 45 degrees WITH a sleeping pad. I know you can get the stay warm kit. But that mostly negates the weight savings. I will be breaking this out on those hot muggy nights and smiling. But if I am above at 8 - 10K feet, or if I know the temps are gonna break 50, I'll on the ground warm and cozy.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 3 out of 5 by from Good with a few pitfalls I received this as a gift a few years ago and have gone on several backpacking trips with it. Good things: It's super easy and fast to setup and take down (once you get the hang of the knots). If you have the snakeskin's then cleaning up camp takes about 30 seconds. It's pretty lightweight compared to tents. You can hang it in a variety of areas where you just can't put a tent. I backpack a lot in the Catskills and you can camp as long as you're well off the trail, but you can't always find a spot without rocks and roots. This hammock takes that element out of looking for a campsite. You also don't have to worry about damp/muddy ground or other ground related issues with choosing a campsite. Steep slopes are no problem as long as the trees are big enough and you can find two that will set you up at the right angle (don't forget you're on a slope in the morning though). It hunkers down great in the rain, I have spent hours in it and as long as you hung the rain fly correctly you don't get hit with a drop, and don't have to worry about flooding as much or muddy ground or water seeping in through the tent seams. Maybe during monsoons you might have water running down the ropes, but I've never had this problem in heavy rains. Also if you practice you can set the rainfly up, and then set the hammock up underneath and keep everything 100% dry while you do it. Times when it's a wash: It's lightweight that's true, however I've had to carry an extra sleeping bag some nights because the convection currents make it get colder underneath. Ill sleep inside a 15F rated sleeping bag inside a 40F rated on nights when it was 32F or below and I'd be comfortable. It's not terribly cold as long as you carry the extra weight. Also you have to figure that the rainfly and some tent pegs and the snakeskins and the pouch. It's more than 2 lbs, I'd say more like 3 once you've got everything together for it. It saves on weight but you kinda have to carry more weight, so I'd say in the weight department it's a wash between this and a lightweight backpacking tent. Another time when it's a wash is if you think about the environmental impact. It's true that setting up ground tents in the same spot can degrade the forest, and this doesn't do that. However the rope and straps can hurt the bark if you're not careful. That's why despite it being more friendly to the ground foliage, there is the possibility of it hurting a tree. Kinda not so good stuff: Well you can't change you're clothes in it. (it's always the little things you forget!) Maybe if you're small and good at Yoga but I'm 6 foot 240 lbs and I look like a dying caterpillar that has been stabbed with a hot poker when I'm trying to wiggle out of my pants into a new pair. I've given up trying to maneuver around in the thing, and use it primarily just as a sleeping spot. I just change my clothes standing outside, as it takes so much less time and less cramping and pulling muscles. Also there is less chance of fitting gear inside this than any tent. I am almost maxing out the weight limit including clothes and sleeping bags and pad. There is no way I would try to hang my 40-50lb pack in here with me. I have to string that up with it's own rain protection for the night, and have to remember to bring everything into the hammock that I will need for the night. Another thing to consider is what you will do with your boots. I just leave them under me, however one time they almost washed away in a hard rain, and another time I found a lot of bugs crawling around in them. Also I was in the ADK by the marcy dam and was hitting up some of the peaks there solo. I could swear that the raccoon were messing with me and trying to walk out on the ropes in the middle of the night as I kept hearing things plucking the string, and then scurrying up the bark of the tree. I will tell you there is a definite fear-factor "get used to it" that you are going to have things walking and moving underneath you during the night. Obviously it's a thin piece of nylon and offers the same amount of physical protection as a tent which is a thin piece of nylon. However sleeping in this thing when you know stuff is crawling around under you sniffing you out and walking on your ropes in the middle of the night creeps me out. The next big problem is that since I'm a larger guy it's kind of a production for me to get into it and to get in a comfortable spot. I always take my boots off before getting in, then I have to get in the sleeping bag, zip it up wiggle all the way down. As I'm doing this I'm adding momentum to the hammock and it starts to sway, and can take up to an hour before it stops swaying. If I get uncomfortable and have to shuffle around it will start to sway again. Gotta get out to go to the bathroom? HA! The swaying isn't an enormous problem but if you do it in the dark you could get a bit seasick and want it to stop. There have been times when I've asked my camp mates to just stop me from rocking back and forth after I had gotten comfortable. A trick to getting comfortable. It seems that no matter how taught you make it, that you're always going to bow down a bit. I noticed that if I hung it with the head slightly higher, then in the middle of the night I would wake up piled by my feet. I'd have to slide back up during the whole night. If You hang it with the feet slightly higher your feet might go a bit numb if you don't move em, but at least you don't have to constantly be re-positioning yourself the whole night. You could hang it level but that's just too hard to figure out unless you get in and out and re-position it a bunch of times when setting it up. Other con: You gotta have trees. I almost took this on a hike that we went above the treeline. Also the trees have to be sturdy enough to support the hammock Some times up high in the mountains it's hard to find big enough trees that are tall enough that you can wrap this guy onto. This is why I only give 3 of 5 stars. It's a great idea, just takes some getting used to, and some changes in your camping/backpacking style.
    Date published: 2014-04-13
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from hammock I've been out 3 times with this now and its been great every time. the fly doesn't seem big enough but i got hammered on twice and not a drop got in. last night i pitched by the fire and "hung out" while my buddy was sitting on a nice cold rock. there is no way i'm going back to the ground unless it gets really cold. good luck to all!
    Date published: 2014-03-21

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