If you're an athletic parent who considers your little one to be your training partner, then you'll quickly discover that traditional baby strollers are not your speed. You need a jogging stroller.

Safer and sturdier than regular strollers, a jogging stroller can make those walks and runs more comfortable for both of you.

This article gives you REI's basic shopping advice.

Types of Jogging Strollers

For 1 child: These strollers, which include the popular BOB and Baby Jogger brands, typically hold a child weighing up to 70 or 75 pounds. You can choose between strollers with 16- or 20-inch wheels.

For 2 children: Duallie strollers can accommodate up to 100 or 125 pounds. These models are designed to remain balanced even when they're used with 1 child or with 2 children of different weights. You can also choose between 16- or 20-inch wheels.

Convertible bike trailers: These models are designed as bike trailers, but can be converted to jogging strollers with a separate kit. They can accommodate 1 or 2 children, or up to 125 pounds total.

Multiuse strollers: The Chariot Carriers brand makes a stroller chassis that can be outfitted with separate attachments for walking, jogging, cycling or cross-country skiing.

Why Get a Jogging Stroller?

Most strollers offer the following features and benefits:

  • Safety: Strollers should offer a hand brake, parking lock and a secure harness that holds children in the stroller.
  • Convenience: Quick-release wheels and a folding design make it easy to store or transport a stroller in a car. Look for cargo baskets and pockets for storing extra gear.
  • Weatherproofing: Most strollers feature a retractable sun canopy. Some come with an additional bug and rain screen.
  • Shock absorption: Large, 20-inch wheels provide a smoother ride. A few models feature a rear shock for extra cushion that can be adjusted for light or heavy loads.

Stroller Accessories

Jogging strollers can be made even more useful with optional accessories. The most popular add-ons:

Car seat adapters: Designed to fit specific car seat models, these allow you to attach your infant car seat directly to your stroller. Due to the higher center of gravity this creates, adapter use is recommended for walking only (no jogging).

Handlebar consoles/snack trays: These allow parents or toddler a place for snacks or water bottles.

Cargo storage: Gives you more space for child or sport supplies.

Tips on Using Jogging Strollers

It's generally recommended that you wait until your child is at least 6 to 8 weeks old before using a jogging stroller. Children, however, develop at different rates, so always check with your pediatrician first if you're unsure. Remember to support your baby's head and make sure he or she is dressed appropriately for the weather and protected from the sun.