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DeLorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator


    DeLorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator

    The Delorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator keeps you connected anywhere on the globe. It's a personal locator beacon, GPS and text messenger with mobile-device compatibility, all in 1 unit. See details

    • $299.95

    Item # 857610

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    The Delorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator keeps you connected anywhere on the globe. It's a personal locator beacon, GPS and text messenger with mobile-device compatibility, all in 1 unit.

    Product size and color

    The Delorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator keeps you connected anywhere on the globe. It's a personal locator beacon, GPS and text messenger with mobile-device compatibility, all in 1 unit.

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    The Delorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator keeps you connected anywhere on the globe. It's a personal locator beacon, GPS and text messenger with mobile-device compatibility, all in 1 unit.

    • Iridium satellite network ensures 100% pole-to-pole coverage with no gaps or fringe areas
    • Freedom plans with contract-free, month-to-month subscriptions from $14.95 per month or annual subscriptions from $11.95 per month
    • Adjustable tracking intervals from 2 minutes to 4 hours allow you to track your trip and share your location, including GPS coordinates, elevation, speed, and course
    • View location information on-board (coordinates, course, elevation and speed)
    • Personal locator beacon sends SOS signals with GPS location data to GEOS worldwide emergency response; communicate with GEOS via 2-way text messaging throughout the rescue
    • Provides audio and visual delivery confirmation on all messages sent to notify you of successful transmission
    • Send free-form, 160-character texts or predefined messages to phones, email, social media and other inReach units; read incoming messages on the color screen
    • Wirelessly transform your Apple iOS or Android mobile device into a global navigation tool and satellite communicator when you pair it to inReach with the free Earthmate app
    • Earthmate app displays your real-time GPS coordinates and route on a digital map; MapShare portal shares your location and movements with friends
    • Earthmate app also lets you download unlimited topographic and NOAA maps when connected to the internet; access the cached maps even when you're outside of cellular range
    • LED indicator shows satellite availability; audible message notification helps guarantee you don't miss an incoming message
    • Waterproof, dustproof and impact-resistant body shrugs off the abuse of harsh environments; the unit can be submerged down to 1m for up to 30 min.
    • The Delorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator features a rechargeable lithium battery that delivers about 100 hours of operation when tracking at 10 min. intervals
    • Comes with a wall charger and USB cord for easy recharging
    • Enterprise plans also available for inReach customers to enable tracking intervals of 5, 2 and 1 minute, and 30 seconds; contact DeLorme directly for Enterprise Plans

    Items with a lithium battery can only be sent via Standard ground shipping, and can't be shipped to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territory, APO/FPO, or International addresses.

    Made in USA.

    Item 857610

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    DeLorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator Specs
    Best use
    1 meter
    5.8 x 2.4 x 1 inches
    7 ounces
    Water-resistant depth

    DeLorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator

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    DeLorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicatoris rated3.52out of5by25.
    Rated5out of5byfromBliss!My friends on our local mountaineering club has been pressing me for months to get the inReach, and now I am kicking myself I did not do it sooner! What an experience. First, kudos to the sales rep at the Englewood store. He was very courteous and showed me the pros and cons of all the different devices they offer. I already have a ACR micro, but now as a mother, it was time to step up into the 21st century and have 2-way service back to home [in case I need to contact them instead of Arapahoe Cty. Sheriff - or if they need to get a hold of me]. With my SE device, all this is solved. The Good: Super fast activation Synch to synch Easy to use App for my iPhone Awesome topo maps on the App for navigation Built in keyboard Delivery confirmation [no more waiting and wondering]. I get the "x" confirmation on my messages in about 10 seconds 2 minute tracking provides real-time location Awesome, very sensitive built-in GPS False alarm elimination with 2-way texting in SOS mode. That's really reassuring since as a diabetic, in case something goes wrong, I will be able to communicate my medical condition The Better: No contract plans - now I can deactivate the device in the months I don't need the service, and pay no penalty. That's a winner for me. I'll be using the device heavily about 5 months during the year, and thereafter will shut it down for the winter at no cost. Room for improvement: The battery so far has worked pretty good. I will use my goal zero solar charger for my upcoming 2 week hike in the San Juans this summer, but it would be cool to have a battery pack to pop on AA's or AAA's. I really can't ask for more. For the money, my SE is pure joy [communication with family], my safety net, and my tracking buddy. Thank you REI!
    Date published: 2014-04-15
    Rated1out of5byfromProduct DefectiveThe product arrived and would not turn on. After more than 45 minutes on hold with DeLorme and then 20 minutes with tech rep, we agreed the unit would not turn on. But the most troubling thing was that the unit arrived from REI opened. Clearly, somebody ordered it, it found it was defective, and returned it. Then REI re-stocked it and sent it to me. So I retuned it. REI has a great refund policy, and took it back for a full refund. But who can say what they did with the defective product? So, beware.
    Date published: 2014-03-09
    Rated4out of5byfromFirst time- no glitchesWe used this device for the first time on a short backpacking trip. The first message that we send took a bit to get off to the recipients. I also felt like the battery was going down faster than I expected. HOWEVER, I am a first time user and even though I read al the directions online and that came with the unit I may not have made the settings to be the ones that will last the longest. Wih that being said the battery did last the entire time we were out. We will be using it again at the end of the month when we section hike the AT and complete MD. The following month we will do NJ. Another review may be coming.
    Date published: 2014-02-21
    Rated5out of5byfromLove this deviceI tell people that the InReach saved my life. Not literally. I love to backpack alone, and my wife and family were not fond of me doing this. Now I can with a lot more safety thanks to the DeLorme InReach. I used it on a 57 mile backpack across Isle Royale in September. Through pouring rain, it sent regular updates to my family, and allowed them to track me as well. The peace of mind that the InReach gives me and them is second to none. Easy to use and set up, with great customer support. I highly recommend this to all outdoor enthusiasts. Good battery life, and easy to boost with charge packs. Even used a solar charger.
    Date published: 2014-02-08
    Rated5out of5byfromUpdate -- still GREATThis is an update from my previous review. I just returned from a 10-day January private ranch elk hunt in a very remote part of central Utah, where I used the InReach SE extensively. There was of course no cell service available so the InReach was the only communication with the outside world. It functioned perfectly. Battery life is terrific. I did not use it in the continuous-on tracking mode, but turned it on and off when I wanted to send and check for new messages. Used in this manner I think it would last for many weeks. Satellite acquisition was almost always very fast, and on the few times it had a hard time picking up satellites, it displayed a red light indicating lack of acquisition. In those cases, trying the device a few minutes later (when satellites has presumably moved into better position) resulting in fast acquisition. The device gives positive confirmation when your message gets through to the satellite. All messages I sent were received by the recipients. At first the replies my wife sent did not come through, but later all of her replies did, so I think she may have been doing something wrong. I had no difficulty getting replies from other people I sent messages to. I used my InReach SE both in stand-alone mode, and paired to my iPhone, and it works great both ways. It is a lot faster to compose messages on the iPhone, but typing them in stand alone mode on the InReach gets faster them more you use it that way. A correction to my earlier review: I stated incorrectly that the SPOT device coverage is limited to North America. This is not true; but there are still big gaps worldwide in SPOT coverage, whereas the InReach Iridium network is truly global. If Tom Hanks had InReach he would not have been a castaway! I am recommending InReach SE to all of my friends who use the backcountry, especially those (like me) who enjoy going solo. A GREAT product!
    Date published: 2014-02-01
    Rated5out of5byfromFinally, a great satellite communicator!This is the 3rd satellite communication device I've owned. First was a Spot generation one. It was quite reliable, but limited because you could only send one of three preset messages, plus SOS. And of course you were transmitting in the blind. Second was a Spot Connect. It enabled me to create messages in the field, but had serious shortcomings. First, the Bluetooth interface with my iPhone was very clunky and frequently unreliable. And if it didn't pair with the phone, it couldn't send messages (other than SOS). Second, it had terrible "vampire" battery drain when the device was supposedly off -- batteries would go dead within days if left in the device. I had to put batteries in and take them out each time I used it. Finally, it still had the problem of being a one-way device -- you send a signal in the blind and have no idea if it was received. I got my new InReach SE just before Christmas. It solves all the shortcomings of the Spot Connect. First, it is very easy to use, and is a stand-alone device -- it does not require pairing with my iPhone (although the iPhone can be easily paired with it whenever you chose, enabling faster typing of messages). Second, while I haven't used it enough yet to determine how long the battery charge lasts while sending messages, at least when it is turned off there seems to be no battery drain. Finally, it is a two-way device, and can receive messages from others. Now I KNOW my message was received. Also the InReach messages can have over 3 times as many characters as Spot Connect. The world-wide coverage of the InReach is also a plus compared to the primarily North America coverage of the Spot. Physically the device is quite light, relatively compact, and seems well made. Initial set up, which some reviewers have complained about, was pretty smooth. I ran into a hitch with getting it to synch with my computer, but a call to InReach resolved the problem (for some reason my Internet Explorer browser was thwarting the software download; at the suggestion of the InReach tech I downloaded and used Google Chrome browser and from there everything went very easily). Time will tell, but so far I am VERY happy with the InReach SE.
    Date published: 2014-01-04
    Rated1out of5byfromBad device, terrible customer serviceI bought my SE from REI in August 2013. Got the unit up and running fairly quickly, despite software that is reminiscent of trying to to connect a motorola flip-phone to the internet circa 1998. The hardware feels cheap, with brittle painted plastic parts showing injection molding seams, and a microscopic 16 color LCD screen that looks like it was borrowed from the same 1998 flip-phone. That said, I was able to connect with an iOS device, which worked better than I expected and allowed easy entering of text, despite a dated interface which lacked needed (and basic) technical help information. The power button on my unit was troublesome, and it sometimes would simply not turn on. Regardless, I brought it on a backpacking trip, where I used it to send and receive about 20 messages total. When I returned, the people who I sent messages to complained that a), the messages were cut off (the 160 character limit does not mention that Delorme will use about 30 characters to insert an ad at the end of your message). This caused considerable trouble, since all of my messages were cut off. B) the GPS never functioned correctly. All of my messages showed my location as somewhere in the middle of the India Ocean, rather than in the high Sierras. I had a clear view of the sky, and the unit indicated a GPS signal. I called Delorme to complain about these issues, and asked them to clarify the $65 bill I received for sending these messages, which did not add up. Be prepared for $10+ of undisclosed axes and fees on each bill, and unintelligible details about your usage that do not match the billing plan you signed up for. Customer service "apologized," but offered no refund or recourse. They promised to call back with an explanation of the cut-off messages and other issues within 48 hours, but never did. In December, three months later, I took the unit out to charge it and prepare for an upcoming trip. The unit would not charge, and would not power up at all. Delorme customer service refuses to cancel my contract or offer an type of recourse despite a non functional unit. Their rep required that I pay the remainder of my contract $70 to cancel service, - when I said I would dispute the future charges with my credit card company (who offer buyer protection), they hung up on me. Last Delorme product of any type I ever buy. Sadly, I replaced a SPOT Messenger with this. SPOT cancelled my contract and issued a refund same day back in August. What a mistake. I'm going back to the very reliable SPOT and will consider their Sat Phone for two way messaging (the $25 SPOT voice plan is actually very comparable to the awful Delorme Inreach SE). Customer service could not offer any help, so I returned the unit to REI. No hassle, or even questions, from REI - I'm out $70 on the remainder of an unusable service contract though. Buyer beware.
    Date published: 2013-12-25
    Rated1out of5byfromUnable to activateI thought the concept of this device was great. I bought one. Went through all Delorme's on line registration and activation procedures but when I went outside to complete the activation procedure, no luck. This in a location with proven good reception for all my GPS devices, hand held and auto and a SPOT. Also, Delorme gave me some flack about returning my "unsuccessful" activation fee.
    Date published: 2013-12-15

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