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Yakima HighRoller Bike Mount


    Yakima HighRoller Bike Mount

    The Yakima HighRoller upright bike mount secures your full-suspension mountain bike or your lightweight road bike to your roof rack for easy transport to your favorite bike trail. See details

    • $199.00

    Item # 854786

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    The Yakima HighRoller upright bike mount secures your full-suspension mountain bike or your lightweight road bike to your roof rack for easy transport to your favorite bike trail.

    Product size and color

    The Yakima HighRoller upright bike mount secures your full-suspension mountain bike or your lightweight road bike to your roof rack for easy transport to your favorite bike trail.

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    The Yakima HighRoller upright bike mount secures your full-suspension mountain bike or your lightweight road bike to your roof rack for easy transport to your favorite bike trail.

    • Strong, wide wheel tray holds tires from monster freeride bikes to the skinniest of road bikes—no adapters necessary
    • Firmly grips wheel sizes 20 - 29 in.
    • Handles disc brakes, thru axles or funky suspensions like it's any other bike
    • Single, easy-to-reach knob controls retention, adjustment and release
    • Sliding wheel tray is easy to adjust so positioning the rear wheel is a no-brainer
    • Doesn't touch any painted surfaces of your bike, so no worries of scratches
    • Premium finish gives it that sweet, high-money look
    • Fits round and square crossbars; compatible with factory rack crossbars when you add Universal MightyMounts or MightyMounts (sold separately)
    • Integrated cable lock for security (lock cores sold separately)

    Yakima Racks

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    Item 854786

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    Yakima HighRoller Bike Mount Specs
    Best use
    20 pounds
    Number of bikes

    Yakima HighRoller Bike Mount

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    Yakima HighRoller Bike Mount is rated 3.4286 out of 5 by 7.
    Rated 2 out of 5 by from High Roller... Initially, I really liked this rack. It was very simple to setup and easy to use. I really liked the rack for about the first 6-8 months. Then I started having some difficulties. First, I am a bigger guy and I like downhill mountain biking. Which means, I have a heavy bike. Initially, the rack was fine, held the bike great. However, after about 6 months of use on the weekends back and forth to the trails, the rack developed slop which would not have been a problem, however, Yakima did not provide a way to adjust the slop out. Over the next couple of months, the bike would bounce around alot more than I was comfortable with. I think that if you had a lighter bike (under 30 lbs) this would not be much of an issue. But even better would be for Yakima to provide a way to adjust the slop in the wheel holding bars for long term use. Second, the cable for the locking mechanism is much too puny. I always back up the lock of a rack like this with a LARGE cable lock an u-lock type of thing. I came to my car one day after riding to find that someone had snipped the yakima cable. The other cable that I had on it was messed with but intact, so I was able to keep my bike. I think Yakima needs to either provide a beefier locking mechanism for this rack or eliminate it altogether. Third issue. The plastic clips that are used to attatch the High Roller to the roof rack leave the most to be desired. This is the interface that holds the bike to the car and secures everything together. This piece can be cut by an in expensive pocket knife and I feel this is the Achilles heel of the high roller. I don't want to trust my $5,000 bike to a .25 piece of plastic. I think that if Yakima were to address these 3 issues, they would have an EXCELLENT product here.
    Date published: 2014-04-14
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Ups and downs. I had a couple issues with the HighRoller specifically, and a couple with Yakima as a whole. First and foremost, the HighrRoller WORKS WELL with my Devinci Wilson, mounted on a Mk3 Jetta. Some Modifications were needed, but I'll get there. I got my first HighRoller, and it had broken tabs on the plastic shrouding that covers the mounting points. The Yakima logo was a peeling sticker and the red plastic buttons were faded. This was a previously used and returned item. I give no fault for its neglect and failure to preform. Make note of the broken plastic shrouding, however. These parts are necessary to the unit, as they serve as stability points for the front u-bar. Without them, the bike will roll all the way forward and hang off the front of the unit, not seeded in its tray properly. Second HighRoller had broken internals. The dial wouldn't tighten without excessive force, and the quick release button failed. The guts were all backwards basically. Third one I purchased is about a month old and has been doing VERY WELL. Fitment. The hardware probably works well if you have a Yakima or Thule load bar setup, but if you have aero bars, a Nissan X-Terra, or factory bars from Volkswagen, be prepared to fashion your own mounting hardware, as the fit kits Yakima offer just don't work. Mighty Mounts are plastic and Flex too much, Aero Bar kit is the same. I ended up machining my own mounts for a truly secure fit. A kit made specifically for proper fitment should never include shims, and should not be made out of plastic. Once you have a complete and properly set up unit, however, THIS THING ROCKS!!! Simply pull the bars open, literally toss your bike up there, and it holds itself up as you strap your bike in. I have used other roof racks, and I can't stand it when a bumpy road, or highway winds toss your investment two feet left/right. If your HighRoller is properly secured to your car, the bike will barely sway or budge, making you feel confident that nothing will blow it off. The rear strap easily slides forward and back with the bike mounted for adjustability, and the ratchet system does a good job. hasn't popped loose yet. The HighRoller does NOT like to be overtightened. Just dial it in as much as you need to. I don't use the locking attachment, I run my own "handcuff" locks to guarantee my bike doesn't get jacked. Speaking of security. There is no good locking system out there. SKS lock cores pop out with a cordless drill. Use Locktite or JB weld to secure your HighRoller to your car, because thieves will just pop the locks and remove your whole rack with bike still attached, using a rubber hammer and a cordless drill. I have seen this aftermath here in Spokane, people go to their car and the whole rack popped right off- bike and all. Quick issue to note with Yakima: Their fitment can sometimes be weird. Volkswagen has rack mounting points clearly marked on their cars, and any VW dealership/specialist will tell you not to mount your footprint anywhere else. Yakima's instructions often differ than what factory specs require. So, you pick one, the other or somewhere in between? I called Yakima and they said to use YAKIMA SPECS only, or it will not fit properly, and anything different will void their warranty. The load bars never stayed on, and I now have four lovely dents in my roof. This isn't my first roof rack, and I have lots of experience with automobiles, so I know user error is possible, but not likely. Word of advice: Always follow vehicle recommendations, not the roof rack company. Get the factory rack system no matter how much more it costs.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 2 out of 5 by from Beware 29ers Positives: Set up was easy and well thought out by Yakima! Love that you only need one core lock to lock everything together. Looks nice in the new all black color for 2013. Negatives: Had to jam the front tire holding clamp to extreme end of u-bar holder with it staying open, not clam-shelled shut, to accommodate 29 x 2.2+ tire size. 5' 7" woman needed help putting up the big 29er mountain bike on Subaru Outback, which is not as tall as an SUV.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 2 out of 5 by from Not Quite There The materials and design of this rack give the impression that it's sturdy and easy to use. In reality, it works, but needs a lot of tweaks: -- The removable baseplates stay on only while the rack is uninstalled. When it's installed, there isn't enough clearance from the bar for the baseplate to clip all the way in, so it's loose every time. No amount of force or wiggling will keep it attached for more than 30 seconds. -- My road bike with 700/28mm tires wobbled a lot. Adjusting the handle on the front bar does nothing to mitigate this, nor will tightening the back bar. I had to run a tight bungee around the bottom of my front wheel and the baseplates to minimize the wobble. -- The red release button is useless. It just doesn't work, at all. Fortunately, you still have the option to loosen the back bar manually. A bike with fatter wheels might wobble less, but you still have the loose baseplate and the useless red button. This rack works, but I'm returning it for something with a more tried and true design.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great at what it does! I saw another review on here of this with someone using a heavy mountain bike and being unhappy with the purchase. I thought I would provide a counterpoint to that. I'm an avid cyclist. I have a couple road bikes and a commuter bike. When this thing is used with a road bike at least, it's pretty freakin awesome. It's easy to install and really easy to get the bikes on there and locked in. Essentially you just fling open the front part of the front wheel holder, position your bike, and close the rear part of the front wheel holder until it clicks into place securing the front wheel. Turn the knob a few times to get it extra tight, strap down the rear wheel, then lock it up. I can get all this done in about two minutes. It fits my hardtail commuter bike, but I mostly use it with my road and tri bikes. This is my first roof rack and initially I was concerned with sidewinds and my tri bike. I have a super deep front wheel (zipp 808), a very airfoil-like frame (specialized shiv), and a disc wheel on the rear. Plus the frame is almost the largest size they make of that particular model. Basically, a HUGE amount of surface area for a bike. I thought the winds may be too much and my nice bike would be splat on the highway. I nervously drove six hours at highway speeds in high winds with one eye on the bike the whole time stopping every half hour to check up on it. While it rocked back and forth a little at the top, the bike remained stable with no issues for the whole car ride. A+++++ I've used it regularly since last summer with no problems. I lost the front hinge covers to the wind (use error) and called Yakima and they had me a new pair of them within two days for free! Yakima customer service is amazing. Downsides? Clearance. I have a big truck already, have the Yakima Whispbar HD system and use Yakima Mighty Mounts. So the normal roof clearance on the truck is 6'4" and when you add in all this gadgetry, it probably makes my roof clearance 7'1" (I know this because I always tap the "7' CLEARANCE" sign in my apartment complex parking garage). Hence, no parking in the majority of parking garages. But that's an upside too in my situation because it adds a level of security when I have a bike up there. I have to put down and stand on the tailgate to even remotely access the bike and I'm 6'2"! I can't imagine someone being able to steal my bike with any sort of ease with the truck locked up and the bike lock attached. I definitely recommend this product.
    Date published: 2014-03-21
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Solid Carrier with one flaw I use this bike carrier on top of a Subaru Forester and at 6'3" I don't have any problems getting my MTB up and down. As with all tire on carriers the top of my bar ends are around 9 feet in the air so that's something to keep in mind when choosing a roof mounted vs. hitch or trunk mounted carrier. One thing I've seen for kayaks is a roof bar accessory that swings down to lower your mount to the side of your vehicle then swings back up to the roof. I'm afraid I don't recall the name of the product but remember seeing it at Caneocopia in Madison WI. It should work for this kind of gear and not just kayak carriers. While I haven't tried it with my 29x2.2 trail tires yet, with my set of hybrid path/pavement tires I'm impressed with how snugly it holds the front tire. Looking at how the front yoke is designed I expect my off road tire would be held just as well. The built in cable lock didn't reach around one my sport bars easily to lock this rack when not in use so I picked up a 'Yakima SKS Accessory Lock Housing' and was able to just flip one of the front carriage bolts to then be able to lock the carrier all the time. So an easy solution plus this way both the carrier and the bike can remain locked if left on the car over night while traveling. The overall construction is really solid except for one part (which is why this lost a star). The plastic housings which cover the front mounting bolts and the front tire yoke hinges also are integral for the setting the angle of the front yoke. The covers slip on and off for the mounting and unmounting of the carrier to your vehicle, but once mounted never need to be played with until you go to unmount the carrier at the end of the season. Since the majority of the time they're used for the critical role of setting that front yoke's angle I would have liked to have seen these pieces be a little more rugged than simple plastic. The rest of the construction seems solid. The rear tire anchor strap ratchets on both sides of the wheel so it keeps even positive pressure and make it simple to work on from either side of the carrier. It also slides along the tire rail smoothly to adjust to your bikes wheel base. The tension wheel to tighten the rear yoke is easy to use, although I find the big red button a little awkward to use when releasing the rear tire yoke since you need to push the yoke forward a little bit to reduce tension when hitting the red button. This has led to my bike once trying to fall over because my hands were busy and with the bike loose up there it, there was nothing to stop it. I was able to hold my up pipe before anything bad happened, just something to keep in mind. The tire yoke hinges and the rear tire rail all seem really solid and I have no concerns about wear from them. The rear sport bar mounting point is easy and simple but firm. It'll align to any spacing of sport bars easily. After having used this carrier for a couple hundred miles of transport and a dozen or so loadings and unloading, I have not seen any loosening in the carrier to sport bar mounting points. After a fairly long drive home I gave the bike a good shake before taking it down and I noticed more play between my front fork and wheel skewer, than the tire and the HighRoller or HighRoller and sport bars! In closing I highly recommend the Yakima HighRoller if you are looking for a roof mounted tire on bike carrier.
    Date published: 2014-03-21
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Safe, sturdy, easy to use. I have had two of these on the roof of my minivan for a couple of years. I use them mostly for my road bike with 23x700 tires and my 29 inch mountain bike (2 1/4 inch tires. I have also used it for a comfort bike with 26 x 1 3/4 inch tires. It always holds the bike solidly. My bikes weigh 20 to 35 pounds. The ease of use is most impressive. Before I lift the bike up I will fold open the front brace. Then just lift up your bike and then lift up the brace that comes up behind the front wheel. Right away it has ratchets to hold it up and then just twist the red knob and tighten it some. Slip the plastic strap through the rear wheel and it is done. It never loosens during travel, even after 500 miles. The front brace or u=bar has detents for each wheel size. Each detent is labeled with the tire size. The locking cable is included and I look at it more as an extra security to hold your bike in case of an accident, not to keep a burgler from stealing it. I have it attached to Yakima round bars. I put one of these on each side of my van with space in the middle for the Yakima box, if I need it. Also, then it is easy to reach since I put longer round bars on so that there is about 14 inches of overhang, and the bike rack is all outside of the RailGrabs.
    Date published: 2014-03-30

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