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Novara FlyBy Folding Bike - 2014Only At REI


    Novara FlyBy Folding Bike - 2014

    Our Novara FlyBy is a nimble, take-it-everywhere folding bike. Lightweight yet sturdy, it has 7 internal gears. Ride it, fold it, then stash it in the trunk, closet or office. See details

    • $599.00

    Item # 843607

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    Our Novara FlyBy is a nimble, take-it-everywhere folding bike. Lightweight yet sturdy, it has 7 internal gears. Ride it, fold it, then stash it in the trunk, closet or office.

    Product size and color

    Our Novara FlyBy is a nimble, take-it-everywhere folding bike. Lightweight yet sturdy, it has 7 internal gears. Ride it, fold it, then stash it in the trunk, closet or office.

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    Our Novara FlyBy is a nimble, take-it-everywhere folding bike. Lightweight yet sturdy, it has 7 internal gears. Ride it, fold it, then stash it in the trunk, closet or office.

    • FlyBy folds in under a minute while magnets hold the folded bike together for a compact, easy-to-handle package; folded dimensions are 33.5 x 25.6 x 13.4 in.
    • Strong 6061 aluminum frame is designed to minimize flex and deliver a stiff, responsive platform for efficient transfer of your pedaling energy
    • Frame hinge provides a secure joint that's controlled with a smooth, easy-to-handle lever
    • Telescoping, folding handlepost offers excellent strength and longevity; when hinge lever is closed, an automatic lock secures the lever shut for extra safety
    • Shimano Nexus internally geared rear hub is low maintenance compared to conventional cassette systems and provides 7 smooth-shifting gears
    • Nexus twist shifter is intuitively simple, providing smooth, easy shifting with a flick of the wrist
    • Linear-pull brakes deliver dependable and easy speed management
    • 20 in. Schwalbe Citizen tires feature a protective Kevlar® layer to deter flats; reflective sidewalls enhance visibility of bike and rider
    • Chain features a continuous enclosure to keep clothing protected from grease and road grime
    • Specs on our Novara FlyBy folding bike are subject to change

    After its initial break-in period you might notice your bicycle performing less responsively than the day you brought it home. Not to worry, this is typical of all new bicycles and simply reflects that cables have stretched or their housings have seated themselves into final position. To keep running at peak performance, all REI bicycles come with a FREE warranty tune-up, which should be accomplished between the first 100-200 miles of riding or after the first two months if you're accumulating miles less quickly. Contact your nearest REI bike shop for details and an appointment for this important service.


    Item 843607

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    Novara FlyBy Folding Bike - 2014 Specs
    Best use
    Bike commuting & touring
    Folding bike
    No suspension
    High-tensile steel
    Kinetix Supra 46T with chainguard
    Cartridge square taper
    Shimano Nexus 7 Revo
    Shimano 16T, 7-speed
    7 gear(s)
    Rim brake
    Alloy linear-pull
    Promax alloy linear-pull
    WTB Kinetix Comp
    Alloy, 32h
    Shimano 7-speed, 32h
    20 inches
    Schwalbe Citizen, 20x1.5
    Flat bar
    Tern alloy flat
    Tern Telescopoic
    Tern Alloy
    KMC Z-410
    27 pounds
    How we measure bike weight
    Bike style
    Bike frame material
    Bike suspension
    Bottom bracket
    Rear cogs
    Number of gears
    Brake type
    Brake levers
    Front hub
    Rear hub
    Wheel size
    Handlebar shape
    Seat post
    Bike weight

    Novara FlyBy Folding Bike - 2014

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    Novara FlyBy Folding Bike - 2014 is rated 4.2308 out of 5 by 13.
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Fantastic buy This is hands-down a great deal. I really doubt you'll find another folding bike of this quality with an internal hub for anywhere near the price. Including this one, I have owned several folding bikes of various wheel sizes (and several rigid-framed bikes). My current primary bike is a Dahon model with a similar frame ('Mu' frame, which the Tern bikes are also based on) and 90% of the same components as the "FlyBy". Mine costs twice as much. Differences are, the FlyBy has a cheaper 7-speed Shimano hub, and it does not have the three-hole mounting block on the headset which allows one to mount a front rack or bag directly onto the frame where the weight will not affect steering so much. The 7-speed is a still great hub and can be upgraded to newer models with more speeds and smoother operation. The mounting block is nice but a bit tricky and expensive to get mounts and bags for; note it is quite possible to mount a Dahon or Tern front rack to the FlyBy. Or a rear rack, highly recomended, for about thirty bucks. Other differences include cheaper plastic folding pedals whereas the Dahon and Tern have nicer, quick-release metal pedals; easy to upgrade when desired. The 'Citizen' tires are lower end for a Schwalbe tire, all of which are high-quality. I run and recommend two-inch wide Schawlbe 'Big Apple' tires. These are a high air volume, modern 'balloon' style tire. They go a LONG way towards eliminating the main complaints of small-wheel bikes which are harsh ride and 'road buzz' felt through the handlebar and they are still very fast. Totaly different ride with the Big Apples. Though this is no mountain bike it will certainly handle smooth dirt trails and with the Big Apples a bit more. The main difference in ride is that the small (20") wheels give a quicker turn. This takes a bit of getting used to, about five minutes of riding around. It does make the bike very manueverable which is a big plus in the city. The bike is just as fast as a comparable larger wheeled bike. I routinely pass younger, hipper dudes on 'go fast' bikes. With my Bichon Frise in a basket on the back. No kiddin'. The internal hub is a bit heavier and very slightly less effecient than a derailluer, but not much so and it's a LOT less messy and trouble to deal with. It does make changing a rear flat a bit harder but it's still do-able on the road. The 16 tooth rear cog can be fairly easily changed out to get a higher or lower gear range to go really fast or make hills easier. The chain cover works great at keeping both you and the chain clean. It's a bit noisy at first but quiets down with use and eventually becomes silent. Folding is a bit awkward at first. Pay attention to the included instructions, follow them precisely in order and go slowly till you get it down. Soon you'll be doing it in seconds. There are magnets that hold the bike together when folded and they work well though many folks slip a bungee or velcro strap through the wheels for more security when carrying over long distances. Nishi-dake, the magnets are adjustable and may need to be centered so the are making full contact with each and giving full stiction. It is possible to buy zippered cases, some very expensive, for folded bikes. I wouldn't spend more than about thirty bucks. This makes it possible to take the beast on public transport which does not normally allow bikes. Look for a shoulder strap as even a light bike is not light to lug around. I routinely pack my bike (very carefully padded with other travel items) in such a bag and check it as regular airline baggage. Though it is very slightly over the allowed deminsions for checked luggage, I've never had to pay the $100 special airline bike fee. Arrive at destination, unpack bike, roll onto a bike tour or bike/rail/bus tour. Nice. Here's what I've been able to upgrade on my bike: Schwalbe Big Apple tires, fenders, front rack that accepts small panniers, dynamo hub w/USB charging port, phone mount, special looong handlebar bag that takes advantage of the looong stem of small wheel folding bikes, small insulated water bottle bag slung from handlebar which takes advantage of the long stem and allows use any type of waterbottle at all, quick-release aluminum MKS pedals with 'Power Straps', armored cable lock which allows me to lock the bike when folded or unfolded, sprung leather saddle, cable to run through saddle & helmet to lock them, wide-spreading double-footed stable kickstand, spring to keep the front wheel from flopping to the side when parked, rear tour rack which takes full sized panniers or removable Basil grocery baskets. Removable doggy basket (plastic basket from dollar store). To wrap this up- if you are considering a folding bike, or just a bike for any casual purpose other than racing or off-roading, this Novara FlyBy is a top choice. If you know you want features such as a better rear hub you might consider shucking out a thousand bucks or more for a higher end Dahon or Tern especially if you MUST have that mounting block. Otherwise this is a high-quality very usable and upgradable set of wheels. Highly recommended. Couple of last notes. The shape of the frame does not use a rear 'chain-stay' tube. This means it is theoretically possible, unlike 99% of bikes, to outfit this bike with a belt drive that replaces a messy noisy rusty chain. A few folks have hacked this already, and this is the future of bikes. And folding bikes are like convertible cars- they hold their resale value much better.
    Date published: 2014-04-13
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great ride. Fits in apt & hatchback car. After years of wanting a folding bike, I finally sold my behemoth comfort bike and bought this one during an REI sale. After a month, I love it. No regrets, just elation that I finally got what I want: something that can be folded to fit inside my hatchback car, and inside my apartment. I live in a city with a high rate of bike thefts, including a former bike of mine locked right outside my front door, so I want my bike inside. The bike is reasonably comfortable, rides relatively smoothly and goes fast enough for commuting or touring. I'd say I average 12-15 mph on this. I've ridden this bike to work and back (5 miles RT) and to the gym (6 miles RT) almost every day since I bought it and I love it. Yesterday I gave it a real haul and rode it 35 miles round trip on a paved mountain road. It exceeded my expectations in terms of speed and hill climbing, though of course it won't match a road or racing bike for speed. You still get your exercise and get to enjoy the views too! When going uphill, I sometimes kept the bike in a higher gear and stood up to climb and it worked fine. The main con for me is that the handlebars & stem do not easily fold between the wheels as shown on the instructions. I've tried this several times with no luck. Something was always in the way from keeping the magnets from sticking together, no matter how much I tried to follow the instructions that came with the bike. It also involves adjusting the handlebars and stem, which is annoying since you have to re-set them when you unfold it. However, I've resolved this by folding the bike in half first, then folding the stem down to one side of the bike. Works much better and is still compact. Plus, it is ready to ride as soon as you unfold, unless you've put the seat down (which you don't have to do all the time depending on your height space available). Also, I find the saddle uncomfortable like a previous reviewer, but I kept the comfort seat from my previous bike (large with thick gel pads and spring suspension underneath) and installed that. I am so glad I did this! It makes the ride much smoother on your rear. Also, it would be nice if it came with a rack and fenders, but I bought a universal rack on clearance when I ordered the bike, and REI staff said it would fit and even installed it for me. Works great. I also know there are fenders that will fit this bike from research I've done on the web. If you want to ride fast and hard, this is not the bike for you, but if you want something that gets you enjoyably and fast enough from point A to point B and can be tucked away in your cubicle at work, your small car, or in your apartment, then this is your bike! Compact living at its best.
    Date published: 2014-04-12
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Fast folder I used to ride a Motobecane mixte hybrid as my daily driver, which I had outfitted with a rack trunk and Wald pannier baskets. Now I do a lot more multi-modal commuting and regional traveling and wanted a folding bike to better fit into my daily activities. I picked this up during the last member sale and had it shipped to store where they assembled it for me. I love how compact it is and that it's reasonably light enough to carry indoors or hoist in and out of a trunk/train/bus. Seeing people's reactions when I pull up to the curb and fold it in half to take inside is priceless. It's also a lot of fun to ride. The small wheels are strong and stiff, the handling is responsive and it feels light and twitchy. The included components are all high quality, including the brakes, grips, twist shifter etc. It even has a kickstand, which is a nice extra. Shifting the internally geared hub is nice and smooth and so far the 7 gears have been sufficient for me to handle hills along my routes. There are only a few faults I can find with it, and some are just the nature of the beast. First, it rides very rough compared to my old bike and I feel each rattle in the pavement. The saddle it comes with, like most bikes, is similar to the earbuds that come with mp3 players: junk. I replaced it with a Serfas Women's RX, which improved my experience of the ride significantly without adding a lot of weight. Second, I'd like for the magnet that holds the wheels together when folded to be more robust. They come apart easily depending on how you handle the bike, especially if you leave the handlebars up to roll it while folded. Finally, I really, really wish this bake came outfitted with a rear rack, or at least fenders. Since these components can be difficult to find off-the-shelf for folding bikes, it means I have to incur some extra cost and hassle to get it set up for basic commuting. At this price, though, and especially having gotten it during the member sale, I really can't complain. Especially looking at comparable folders from, say Dahon (who manufactured this for REI), it's a steal. If you're looking for a folder, you can't go wrong with the FlyBy at this price.
    Date published: 2014-04-13
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great bike but not without problems Great little bike so far. My biggest complaint is the chain guard which makes a lot of noise as I bike. This is the same problem I had with the floor model when I took it for a test ride. I think this might be a flaw with this model.
    Date published: 2014-04-10
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from First Impressions I purchased a FlyBy from REI two weeks ago. First of all, I like the bike. Having built a couple of bikes, I can tell Novara has outfitted the FlyBy with quality components. Gears shift easily, brakes work well, bike feels solid. ... But I live in a city with hills, and the FlyBy was not meant for that. There is no true low gear for hill-climbing. Other than that, I'm completely satisfied.
    Date published: 2014-04-10
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good Folder for the Money Got the FlyBy in order to be able to bring all my toys and family members along on a weekend, i.e. spouse, bikes, kayaks, trailer, and husky dogs. It's very easy to fold and takes up very little room (1/2 of the back seat of a 4Runner). The bike isn't a full-sized road bike or mountain bike, but it moves along nicely, and I've taken it up a couple of mountain passes already and on some dirt roads as well, just to see if it could handle it. I am pleased with the bike's performance. I also like how both my petite wife and I can easily size the bike so it works for either of us. Those small wheels take some getting used to. The lack of a front suspension, adds to the rough ride on our Montana roads, but I added a gel seat cover/pad and that helps take away some of the rough ride. I like the handlebars, hand grips and shifters, and the folding pedals. I had one of the Schwalbe Citizen tires get a slit, and am looking to upgrade to a more durable tire. I freely admit that I am harder on this bike than it is intended to be used for, but it seems to be up to the task so far. I really like the internal hub and chain cover -no grease on the seats or the clothes. Fenders would have been nice, but I found some that work okay. So, overall, the bike isn't lightweight, has a few compromises, but for the money I'd say it was a bargain, and I did a FlyBy on more than a few full-sized bikes last weekend, so it must be working well enough.
    Date published: 2014-04-10
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Neat Bike I wanted to buy a bike I could fold easily and take off to a park whenever I wanted. My thought was that I wanted something small but that still functions like a regular size bike. It does that. It's ride is like in the same geometry of a regular bike. It folds very easily. No hassles. It also folds in less than two minutes. It has 7 speeds and it is lightweight. It's a nice commuter bike for the price. I would buy it for a college campus or for a city like New York to commute, or if you just want something small without having to buy a bike rack and hitch and all that. It fits easily in a car.
    Date published: 2014-04-10
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loooooove it ! I'm so happy of my new ride ! I bought it in Las Vegas for 3 months at work and I'm bringing it back to Canada, I love it to much. It's really great to commute. You can fold it and take it inside your home to avoid the thieves. The internal speed system is great, you never having problem with it. I make every body at my job and at the hotel jealous !
    Date published: 2014-04-12

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