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      Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery

      Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery

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      • Lithium-ion polymer 900 mAh battery can be recharged up to 300 times, making the battery life equivalent to that of more than 900 AAA alkaline batteries
      • Standard USB connection allows the Core battery to be recharged from any USB charger, such as a computer, a solar panel or a portable energy source (all sold separately)
      • Can also be recharged from a cell phone charger, a car's 12-volt socket or a wall outlet with appropriate adapters (adapters sold separately)
      • Download OS by Petzl software to modify functionality of your headlamp; select regulated or unregulated output and adjust settings to affect battery life and light intensity
      • OS by Petzl software is available for download from Petzl at
      • Battery charge indicator LEDs show how much battery life is left while light is in use; LEDs also show the status of the battery while charging
      • Battery recharges in about 3 hrs.
      • Core battery installs easily into headlamps in Petzl Tikka 2 or Zipka 2 line; compatible with Tikkina 2, Tikka 2, Zipka 2, Tikka Plus 2, Zipka Plus 2 and Tikka XP 2 headlamps
      • All adapters sold separately; package includes Core rechargeable battery and a 30cm USB micro B cable

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      Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery

      Specification Description
      Best use Hiking, Backpacking, Camping
      Rechargeable Yes
      Battery size Special purpose

      Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery

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      Rated 2out of5
      by fromGood for Mother Earth I'd waited until it was on sale for [$]. Even at that price, it is not worth the money. Unless you're looking for something that won't contribute to the landfill, yet. Feels kind of flimsy, like it's going to break. Just like the headlights. Given it's added bulk, it is slightly lighter than the 3 AAA battery, only so very slightly. With the CORE, you can charge it with any USB source (car charger, laptop, solar). However, it takes a little over 3 hrs. I'd take a set of AAA just in case. The fellow who said it lasts longer than an Alkaline battery is mistaken. Output is not as intense neither. Go to Petzl's website and look at their Headlight Performance Table. The chart compares all light combinations with their expected life and lumens. However, I figure I can use a solar charger for all my power needs and bring one less set of batteries. Stay away if you think this is better in performance than the Alkaline batteries.
      Date published: 2011-05-29
      Rated 3out of5
      by fromlimited usefulness, but a good first try If you look at the specs petzl has for it's lights, the core offers 32% lower brightness and ~75% less runtime than a set of AAA's in the XP 2. That gap would be even larger if you use lithium AAA's So it might be good for someone who uses it on jogs, around the house etc. where access to a USB charger daily is not an issue, same for car camping. If you go through a lot of batteries in your headlamp it obviously saves waste, but on pure value you can buy ~120 brand name AAA's for $30 I can also see it being useful if you had a solar charging setup and you wanted something you didn't need to pack batteries for, for long trips, backcountry etc. However most solar chargers, even though they are getting better in the size you'd take backpacking are not that powerful, and if you're already charging a phone/ipod/gps etc. you probably won't have time left to charge a headlamp too. Plus in that case you are better off having a seutp that charges either AA's and AAA's and using those, or a larger battery pack that you can then use to charge your devices. I'd lean to something like the goal zero that charges AA's and AAA's in a small case that can then be used to charge other devices through USB. It's more flexible and it's simple. It also eliminates the issue of adding more bulk and potential sealing/water issues by adding the core unit. It's a great first effort, and I like that you have the option to use the core or AAA's so you have redundancy. Looking at petzl's other offerings I think we are going to see better rechargeable offerings down the road.
      Date published: 2012-10-26
      Rated 3out of5
      by fromNeeds work. I'm not that impressed with it. It seems like a great idea but it's a bit bulky and life is not that great. It's also expensive for what it is. I have used Sanyo Eneloop rechargables and they last longer and cost less. Being able to change the intensity and choose regulated output is nice. Still needs some work I think. Having said that not that I have it I use it around the house, for short trips and travelling.
      Date published: 2011-12-22
      Rated 4out of5
      by fromexactly what ive been witin for While the battery pack does add a bit of width to the lamp, and maybe a bit of weight, it saves weight in the longterm because you no loner have to bring a spare set of AAA's. My biggest problem was always not knowing how good the batteries in the lamp were. The lamp performs just as well if not better than AAA's in the lamp, and the pack feels VERY solid in the lamp s well. Have all ready had it out in the rain and it still performs great. Core pack also has a very small LED batery life indicator which is very helpful. Core got 4 stars because it was a tad bit wider than regular batteries, and a little bit heavier, but overall its a great buy!
      Date published: 2011-06-20
      Rated 4out of5
      by from[1st Gen] Excellence I thought the battery was a great addition to the lamp. It does add bulk/weight, but not so much that it starts slipping. Unless you have a particularly oily forehead. I haven't noticed any decreased brightness, or battery life compared to AAAs. I liked the idea of having something that I could recharge from usb outlet in the car, or on my computer. I've worked in Africa, where thinking about energy is a near constant (at times, you have to start thinking like a survivalist while simultaneously remaining productive for work). While working on computer, I could charge the battery while I worked during the day. Having a spare set or two of AAAs around as a backup is nice, instead of carrying in a brick of batteries... Add a solar charger- and you're set. I really liked that the battery had a green, orange, and red light easily visible to show when it was time to charge up. This helps maximize the battery's life by reducing unnecessary charge cycles. A unique factor- the battery does not like to be charged up in temperatures over 140 degrees. So, if you left it to charge in a car during the day, and the sun turned your car into an oven, the battery will sense the operating temperature and turn itself off/stop charging to protect the battery. The battery is expensive, but I can think of worse ways to spend the money.
      Date published: 2012-02-09
      Rated 5out of5
      by fromWorks Great, Excellent Design First off, I've only had this rechargeable set for 1-2 months. The only real unknown is how fast it will wear frequent it will need to be recharged. So far it is a top notch buy. The set fits wonderfully into my original Petzl headlight and it is super easy to charge via USB. You don't even need to take the battery out of the headlamp, but simply open it up and flip open the cover for quick plug-in. Charging time is fast as well, and the light has indicators telling you when it is fully charged. Not sure how long it takes, as I often just plug it in and forget about it. Well done Petzl.
      Date published: 2013-02-13
      Rated 5out of5
      by fromVery Handy, Works Great I have a few Petzl headlamps. I use rechargable AAA's in them before, but they don't last too long because AAA don't have much storage capacity. The Petzl rechargable system is great. Lasts much longer than AAA. Recharges via MicroUSB which is similar to most current cell phone chargers. Adding this on to exsisting headlamps is a little bit challenging, but not impossible. Adds some thickness and bulk, but not too bad. Has indicator lights when you charge it red, amber, and green which are for battery level.
      Date published: 2011-05-19
      Rated 5out of5
      by fromI love the core! I love the core! The one issue that I've always had with normal 1.5v batteries and flashlights is that they dim as the batteries become used up. You can regulate the core to remain as the same light intensity all the way though. It provides and consistent light output which is exactly what I want. No dimming! The core last long in my opinion. Long enough for what I use it for. And the "mini usb" cable makes it easy to charge with pretty much anything.
      Date published: 2011-09-19

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