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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak


    Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

    With a rigid bow and stern plus a multi-chamber inflatable body, this kayak delivers performance and portability in a cutting-edge design!

    • $499.95

    Item # 736945

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    Product size and color
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    • Improved design eases setup and increases kayak's efficiency on the water--no assembly needed, just unfold, inflate and hit the water!
    • New easy-to-use Spring valve and Twistlok™ valves are compatible with most pumps and speed setup time
    • Rigid bow with aluminum frame reinforcement slices gracefully through water, rivaling the tracking of a hard-shell day-touring kayak
    • Aluminum frame reinforced stern acts as a skeg, increasing the tracking performance; new tracking fin further enhances tracking
    • Sets up quickly and is compact enough to take along for an adventure just about anywhere
    • Offers generous on-board storage space without decreasing legroom, making extended trips much more enjoyable
    • Durable triple-layer polyester material with double PVC coating offers superb puncture resistance; welded seams ensure long life
    • Removable seat with adjustable, inflating back support improves comfort on the water for all-day use; neoprene paddle guards at sides protect knuckles
    • Bungee deck lacing and D-ring tie-downs let you stow gear; air-lifted deck sheds spray while water-resistant zippers provide hull storage access
    • Molded, low-profile rubber handles for easy transport to and from the water; inflatable cockpit coaming for easy attachment of sprayskirt
    • Comes with a repair kit and a heavy-duty duffel bag for transporting your kayak to your favorite destination
    • Do not under inflate your boat! Advanced Elements recommends inflate with a 12V electric pump, and then top off with a quality hand pump to get up to the recommended pressure


    Item 736945

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    your paddle and PFD when you purchase this kayak!

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    Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak Specs
    Best use
    Flatwater kayaking
    PVC-coated polyester/aluminum ribs
    10 ft. 5 in.
    34 inches
    11.5 inches
    36 pounds
    43 x 16.5
    Padded / foam
    300 pounds
    Tracking fin
    30 x 17 x 10 inches
    Hull construction
    Cockpit size
    Seat type
    Number of paddlers
    Weight capacity (lbs)
    Tracking system
    Packed dimensions

    Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

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    Rated 4.1282/5 based on 39 reviews
    Rated 3out of5
    by fromGood recreational kayak Overall this is a fun boat but not without its hassles. It is fairly easy to setup and its made out of quality tough material. Note that I used this boat with the frame. I have tried this boat first in an ocean (with fairly large 6ft waves). It was difficult to make it out into the ocean with this boat given that everytime I hit a wave that broke the whole thing would flood and become an unusuable tub of water. It also takes alot of effort to dump the water out without a blidge pump. However once I made it out the boat was very stable, easy to paddle, and tracked very well, so for I would highly recommend this boat for a calm ocean day. I also went on class I and II+ rapids with this boat. Given the design its somewhat difficult to sometimes make the needed sharp turns in whitewater. Also, if you get splashed, the boat becomes very heavy and unusuable and you have to eddy out and dump the water out. However apart from the flooding the boat is very stable, and works well for rapids that can be navigated in a straight line. I would not use this boat in anything more then a light class II due to the flooding issues when water splashes in. Also to dry the boat you have to dissassemble the thing and it takes almost 2 days to really dry the whole thing which can be a hassle.
    Date published: 2009-08-22
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromPretty Impressive lightweight package! I took a demo on Howe Sound in British Columbia and was very impressed on the stability and tracking even in choppy waters. This is the ideal travellers boat especially if you need something light to lift and a boat that will keep you out of trouble. Great for an apt dweller who has no space for a hard shell.
    Date published: 2007-09-22
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromGreat kayak My wife and I bought two AdvancedFrame kayaks recently after canoeing for a few years, and I can vouch for them as recreational kayaks for sure. We were looking for something easier to portage than our old fibreglass canoe, and these certainly qualify. I don't have a wealth of experience in kayaks, and we haven't been in all types of water in them yet, so I can't swear to their all-round performance, but we love them. I can dispel a couple of myths, though. Are they hard to fold up and put back in the bag? No, that is easy and takes no longer than setting them up.Are they easy to inflate? Yes, I find it takes about 30 strokes of the pump to inflate each of the two large chambers, and the others take only a couple of strokes. (We have short double-action pumps, like you would use to inflate a vinyl mattress).Do they track well? Yes, it is no problem to keep on a straight line, in a small chop at least. If you do a sloppy job of inflation, one side or the other may develop wrinkles that probably increase drag and spoil the tracking ability.Because they are beamy, they are incredibly stable, so you may want a longer paddle. We use 230 cm paddles with 4-part shafts. They would be easier to pack if they came with a carry bag, but they don't so we need to get out the sewing machine.They are roomy and easy to get in/out, but being only 10.5' long there is not a lot of room for stuff, and I can't imagine that a spray skirt would stay on the cockpit. The seat is soft and comfortable for at least a couple of hours (can't say about a long day, though). There aren't any footrests, but they aren't needed for recreational use. When it gets warmer I'm going to try self-rescue, but I imagine that it will float just fine even full of water, so just hang on until rescue reaches you. If you fall out, good luck because I think it would blow away in the wind like a kite anyway. Wear a wet suit and a life jacket.I waited almost a year to buy these [...]. Got neoprene paddling boots at [...], and made my own paddle leash for $4.11 - I saw them selling for [$], and not as good as mine.
    Date published: 2008-05-18
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromI was impressed! First: The major decision here is "Do I buy an inflatable or a hard shell?". If you are set on getting an inflatable, you CAN NOT GO WRONG with this advanced elements kayak! It is tough, stable, easy to transport, easy to store. My Background: After a lot of thought, review, and online comparisons - I purchased this kayak (two of them at the same time actually). I was concerned about storage (I have an apt), and transportation (I did not want to spend even more money to buy a roof rack/kayak rack for my corolla). Reviews were also good. I'm 5'9" ~150lbs. I have used on lakes all summer and one river (with some minor rapids). Also, I was able to fish out of the kayak! I'm going to try and write a helpful review here, but note that I actually have never kayak'd in a hardshell - and have never taken a class or been given guidance from a professional about technique/how to paddle. Comments: 1) Hard to get Water out: Hit some rapids while going down a river - slammed up against the center column of a bridge, water came in, I tipped (totally my fault/inexperience - kayak is actually very stable). I did not bring a pump/bildge with me. Kayak would fold in half with the weight of the water - and it was difficult/impossible to get the water out. Never been in a hardshell, and I would expect that it would be difficult to get water out of either a hardshell or inflatable (without pump). After removing as much water as possible, I was able to paddle another two miles - but was basically taking a bath. Finished up in evening so I had to pack up kayak wet. Took 1 or 2 hours to clean out/dry out whole thing the next day. Not fun. Note that had I brought a pump - I think I could have got the water out ok - although I think the inflatable floor would make pumping water out more difficult than a hardshell (and you would still have to take apart to dry out completly). 2) THIS THING IS VERY TOUGH! SOLID! STABLE: I was very impressed with this kayak. While going down a river we dragged these things over many downed trees, ran into sticks, scraped bottom against many rocks while paddling, I slammed hard into a bridge. Also - it has been dragged across paved parking lot. I thought for sure I punctured bottom shell after my river trip - but barely a mark. I am very impressed. It also comes with a repair kit should a hole develop. 3) Orange Outer Material does not dry quickly: The outer top orange shell does take time to dry (Good 20/30 minutes in sun). I now always try to finish up while sunny outside - or try to paddle in a way to keep water off upper orange material during last 15 minutes of kayaking. I also now always bring along old towels to dry off. Can be irritating since I don't like packing up wet. 4) Cleanability: Easy enough to clean but does take time (especially if you get a lot of leaves/twigs/dirt etc). I try to leave water from a pier - otherwise the bottom gets all full of sand/dirt and I have to spend time wiping off before I pack up. Kayak comes completly apart so you can deep clean if needed (takes 30min/hour). A hardshell would be easier/quicker, and although irritating to spend time taking apart / cleaning, in my opinion this should not stop you from going inflatable. 4) STORAGE (packed up)! TRANSPORTATION! EASY TO INFLATE!: Packs up small! Very easy to inflate/deflate! I could fit two of these in the back of my corolla! I store in my apt. It takes a few minutes to inflate. Deflates even quicker. You will be impressed at how quick it really does take ... although I must admit that even though it only takes a few minutes ... the only thing I think about while inflating is "I would be in the water right now if I had a hardshell". Did I mention that it packs up SMALL, EASY to transport!. Very glad I did not go hardshell in this regard. I wish the carrying case had a shoulder strap. 5) Tracking: I can never put kayak back together in a way where it tracks perfectly straight. Tracking is not bad - and even though it is not perfect - it does not bother me in the least bit. 6) Speed! Maneuverability!: Like I said - I've never been in a hardshell so I can't really compare. The AE inflatable is not slow - I would imagine it is just as fast as any other similarly priced hardshell kayak. No problems turning/maneuvering. 7) Skinn'd Knuckles: First few times out, occasionally my knuckles would come in contact with the kayak material while paddling and get skin'd up a bit. Can get irritating after paddling all day. Probably just my poor technique. I've found using a longer paddle helps avoid this. 8) Top Zippers/bungees: I love to store stuff under the top bungees. The front and back top zipper also is nice to help get at a stored item, or unzipper to let your feet out and kick back! Not sure there is enough room to store stuff for a multi day trip ... this has me a little worried. I'm going to give it a try at some point - I'll report back. In summary: After my experience with them - I would still get these kayaks (I hope I never tip over again though - that ruined my day). It is simply such a huge advantage for me to be able to store these in my apt - and fit both in the back seat of my car ... but if you have lots of space to store a hardshell at home - and don't mind getting a car/kayak rack for travel - I'd consider a hardshell. Otherwise - Go for the inflatable AE kayak!
    Date published: 2008-10-20
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromSweet Little Floater Bought this little guy to test my interest in kayaking & found that I could maneuver like nobody's business. I go out by myself and it's totally easy to lift/move, etc, without a partner. I've gone out with friends who were in longer-rigid body boats & they were about a billion times faster than me. It's great, however for river trips & learning to read the water as you can correct your motion very easily.
    Date published: 2009-04-20
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromYakima River Tested I mentioned on the tandem review of the AE product that I own 3 different models. The yellow, cheap model is trash. Stay away, unless you don't have a lab to retrieve your ducks. This unit will do that for you at least. The advanced frame and the tandem units work very well on the Yakima. Yes, you can fish with these, chase mergansers, shoot the mild class 2 irrigation riffles, and have yourself a good time just about anywhere on this river. They hold air well, pack well, track well and are stable. The ONLY downside is that the AF should be limited to max 180lbs. Seriously. If you're a heavy duty body, consider a rigid frame or a tandem. Sorry to pop your bubble but these units do tend to BEND in the middle if under-inflated or overloaded. It will float but will take in water at the first whitewater. I wish these units would come in camo colors so I could hide from the game warden. Red/orange kind of keeps me legal. Not my style.
    Date published: 2009-10-21
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromUse the 'backbone' to inprove speed I live in a small apartment and drive a small car. The ability to store the boat in my apartment and carry it inside my car make it the perfect boat for me. As for speed, I purchased the backbone which adds rigidity to the keel of the boat. It makes a big difference.
    Date published: 2010-04-08
    Rated 4out of5
    by fromAnother Paddle Option This will be my 4th summer with this kayak. I purchased it because it is portable and easy to store and take anywhere. I like to store it in my jeep that has a large thule topper so I can travel away from home without dealing with tying a kayak to my vehicle and then I am ready to paddle when the mood strikes instead of making a particular outing of it. I did not care for the original storage bag so I had one made at the marine store and it it was designed to hold the kayak in a "tri fold" storage positon. I had 2 large zippers on each side of the flat storage bag so I lay in the kayak tri-folded and then zip the heavy zippers an each side. I added a handle on each side and it has worked well for me as a 60 yr old woman to handle by my self and I use the original bag for storing gear. It takes me about 10 minutes to inflate the kayak and it is easy to carry but for one person I don't think you can go too far with it inflated. It paddles well and to get more stability and to help it go faster and straighter I purhased the bottom stabilizer for about 100 dollars which was well worth the money. This kayak has to be dried out on the inside for sure after you use it but I take some towels and wipe out the inside and then I will turn it upside down and place it on buckets, one at each end. I leave it for a few days when I can. For 3 years of use, my kayak is in great shape. Despite having to take some extra time to dry the inside I would recommend this highly to those who plan their paddling or to those who want to pack it in a vehicle and go spur of the moment on some lovely body of water. I have been on lakes, oceans and rivers with it and catching fish in the process while having fun. On my adventures I get a lot of attention with this inflatable kayak because it is so portable and in the water is a great looking kayak.
    Date published: 2010-05-05

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