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Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern


    Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

    Light up your backcountry campsite with the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED lantern. It features an innovative candle mode to add ambiance to a fun-filled camping adventure. See details

    • $39.95

    Item # 847049

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    Light up your backcountry campsite with the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED lantern. It features an innovative candle mode to add ambiance to a fun-filled camping adventure.

    Product size and color

    Light up your backcountry campsite with the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED lantern. It features an innovative candle mode to add ambiance to a fun-filled camping adventure.

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    Light up your backcountry campsite with the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED lantern. It features an innovative candle mode to add ambiance to a fun-filled camping adventure.

    • Setting the lantern to candle mode allows the LED to flicker like a candle; lantern also operates in standard mode with a solid light output
    • Choose from 3 brightness settings (low, medium, high) in both candle mode and standard mode so you can illuminate the whole campsite or just the tent
    • Hold down the on/off button while in standard mode to engage the dimmer setting, allowing you to choose the exact level of light you want
    • 3 AAA batteries (included) provide up to 70 hrs. of operation on low and 40 hrs. on high
    • Low-battery indicator light flashes when batteries need to be replaced
    • Lantern can also operate on 3 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, sold separately
    • Silicone rubber lantern shade diffuses light and withstands regular use while camping and traveling
    • Use the built-in loop with magnetic closure to hang the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED lantern inside your tent


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    Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern Specs
    Best use
    Family & car camping
    60 lumens
    High: 40 / low: 70 hours
    3 AAA
    Silicone rubber/polycarbonate/ABS plastic
    2.2 x 2 inches
    3.1 ounces
    Lantern type
    Bulb type
    Bulb detail
    Max light output (lumens)
    Average run time

    Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

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    Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern is rated 4.0741 out of 5 by 27.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from The absolute perfect camping light! My truck was broken into a few months ago and my bag filled with a lot of my camping gear was stolen. I lost my tent, my flashlights, etc. so I have been slowly getting everything I needed again over the last few weeks. When it came to lights, I wanted something different than my big Maglite. I read a hundred different reviews on 100 different lights from torches to lanterns and this light caught my eye. It was basically between this little lantern, a couple of the Black Diamond lanterns or the classic UCO candle lanterns. They all have rave reviews and are said to be the best lanterns you can get with the money. But this mini Hozuki was a little later to the game. In store the Hozuki didn't have batteries in so I couldn't try it out, but after really looking at the magnetic loop design I decided to get the Hozuki. I got it home and immediately turned off all the lights and tried it out. Wow! This thing is really bright for its size. And not only that, but the area of light it puts out is perfectly even so there aren't any bright/dim spots in the light, just a solid perfect circle of illumination. Then I started messing with the loop. One side is tethered to the lantern itself and the other side connects to it with a very strong magnet. My Limelight 2P tent has a small gear hammock at the center top. With the magnet loop it took all of 3 seconds to hang my lantern from one of the hammock clips. The lantern illuminated everything in my tent with a powerful, but soft diffused light. It was perfect! Not only was it amazing for a tent light, but when I had to go use the "bathroom" outside, I would take the lantern and use the magnetic loop to attach the lantern to my shirt front. It easily went through my shirt material and held the lantern firmly in place illuminating a nice area around me completely hands free. In my time with the lantern since then, I have found 100 other useful ways to take advantage of the loop system, really a brilliant design. When you turn on the lantern it is in its brightest mode. If you hold down the button after turning it on, it will slowly dim itself until your desired brightness. Or you can simply click it and it will automatically go down to a lower setting. At its low settings it is still bright, but it will drastically improve battery life. Not that its power consumption is something negative about it, I haven't had to change batteries yet. Great battery life! You can also double click the light when its on and it will go into what I call "candlelight mode". The light will flicker creating a candle effect with its light. I thought this was a really cool idea and one of the reasons why I picked this light over the much cheaper UCO lantern. Though, when I used it, in reality the effect wasn't as great as I envisioned it to be. My brain doesn't accept it as a candle flicker, but more of a "im going to flicker my light just enough to bother you" flicker. Maybe some people will think its candle-like, but not me. As cool as it sounded, the candle mode is useless and actually very irritating. But of course you don't need to use it in that mode so I don't mind too much at all! Some other less than stellar points about the lantern: The soft diffusion hood can easily collect dirt if you have dirty hands while using it and it doesn't clean well. You really have to wipe it down to get dirt and mud off the silicone hood. And really that's it! This is a great lantern! I couldn't see any of the other lanterns I was looking at being a better value or a better lantern. It uses AAA batteries, so just carry some extra in your gear bag and you'll always be prepared with a little sun. I would most certainly recommend to anyone...get this thing!
    Date published: 2014-04-16
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Appealing Light - with frustrations Weighing in at 85gm/3oz, the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern is heavier than a Petzl Zipka Headlamp(75gm/2.5oz), and lighter than the venerable Princeton Tec Eos (95gm/3.25oz), still one of the most dependable personal lighting choices in adverse conditions. The mini Hozuki can serve perfectly well for close-in illumination when walking around a campsite but, if weight considerations oblige carrying just one light source, I wouldn't see it as a substitute for a decent headlamp. A more apt comparison would be with other small camping lanterns. The Black Diamond range of small LED lanterns, for example, are all very well made, solid performers. The model from the Black Diamond lantern range with similar pricing to the mini Hozuki is the Voyager. Set to "high", the Voyager, powered by 4xAA batteries, throws more light than the Hozuki, with its 3xAAA batteries, but only for 13 hours versus a claimed 40 hrs on high for the Hozuki. Both lanterns have excellent battery duration on "low": 70 hours for the Hozuki, and a claimed 100 hrs for the Voyager. Usefully, the Voyager converts to a flashlight. Voyager is bulkier than the Hozuki however and, at 6.8oz, weighs more than twice as much. The Black Diamond lantern would seem perhaps the more robust of the two, but the colour of the Hozuki's light, and its light pattern, is easiest on the eyes. Indeed, one of the chief points of differentiation for the mini Hozuki, is that it casts a lovely even light. The light tone is akin to the softer yellow light of candles or oil lamps. Much more agreeable for the eyes, and the mood, than the harsh white light of most LED lanterns! My sense is that the mini Hozuki throws a better light pattern than the Uco original candle lantern, using either candle or oil, whilst 3 X AAA batteries in the Hozuki last about as long as 2 fills of oil plus two candles. The silicone lamp shade of the Hozuki helps both to diffuse the light, and also to make it more directional when required. On the downside, the shade is easily dislodged, thereby exposing an open pathway for water to get to the batteries and circuitry of the lantern. This aspect needs improvement. The light dims progressively, an appreciated feature which allows one to dial in just the right level of light required for each situation. Ideal for reading in bed, without disturbing your partner! Having a candle function sounds cute. In practice, the mechanical flicker is - for me anyway - an irritation and distraction. It's optional; I won't be using it. On top of the mini Hozuki is a silicone loop, locked by a magnet strong enough to work through clothing. It is both clever and functional. With a little imagination, the lamp can be hung almost anywhere. The lantern's on-switch is unlikely to turn on accidentally. That's OK. Read the instructions for best results! Turning it off can however be a frustrating fiddle with cold or gloved fingers, as it requires an extended hold down of a domed switch. For Version2, my suggestion to the designers would be to reserve "two clicks" for switching off, in place of the current arrangement, where "two clicks" switches to an unnatural candle flicker. Overall, the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki is an innovative and characterful lantern, which will fill any 2-person hiking tent with a warm glow of comforting light. The Backpacker Editor Award is justified. That the lantern could be further improved may just give scope for Version2 to win further awards! Cheers Edward
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great little brother to the big Hozuki This is a great little brother to the full size Hozuki lantern. It has all the good feaures of the bigger one, but is smaller and lighter weight, which should address the concerns of the backpack campers. It takes 3 AAA batteries, instead of the 4 AA batteries that the bigger one uses. It's not quite as bright as the bigger lantern, but it's still plenty bright, more than enough for a typical tent setup or for accent lighting. It will light up a room at home surprisingly well during a power outage. The color of the light is pleasant, not a harsh white like some LED lamps. Instead of a cord with a hook, it has a flexible strap anchored with a strong magnet to another magnet embedded in the housing. You can either extend the strap and hang it from the magnet at the end (it won't hang straight, though), or open and close the loop to hang it from a tent loop or over a bar, hook, or tree branch. You can also just hold it in your hand to use as a flashlight. Unlike the big lantern, the switch is not a button on the top; the plastic lamp globe itself is pushed to turn it on and change the settings. The switch allows for several dimming levels, along with flickering candle mode and a strobe effect. I didn't try the candle mode, but the others worked well. The price is a bit high, but on par with other Snow Peak products. For the money you pay, you get an elegant solution to your lighting problems, something that's very well thought out, well made, and works quite well. We used our big Hozuki lantern during a several week camping trip and it performed very well; have also used it at home during power outages. I expect this smaller version to give similarly good service. A warning: The magnets are very strong and have the potential to cause trouble for credit card magnetic strips and various computerized devices (phones, cameras, magnetic storage, etc.). The user should take care where the lamp is set down or stored, which could be an issue when placing it in a backpack. While the magnets are a neat solution, it might have been better if they had gone with another hanging method (a hook or detachable loop), as they did with the bigger lantern. Still, with a little care, it shouldn't be a problem.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Cool lantern I'm a bit of a "light nut"; always looking for the newest flashlight/headlamp/lantern that's better than something I already have. When I saw this neat little lantern in the REI store I wasn't sure if this was really worth the money they were asking for it. But after playing with it in the store and observing it's easy to use and bomb-proof design I took the plunge and bought it. The light is brighter than similar-sized lanterns and the battery life appears to be quite good, especially at the dimmer settings. The case is pretty robust and should hold up well to rough treatment. One of the neatest features is the magnetic hanging loop, making it possible to put this lantern almost anywhere in a few seconds. And the magnet is very strong so it won't fall down accidentally. Overall this lantern makes a very practical addition to any backpackers kit.
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best tent camp light ever Best light for lighting a tent. Most lights are either painfully bright or not bright enough. This light gives off an almost perfect level of warm light perfect for reading or general use to light a tent.
    Date published: 2014-04-09
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from My New Favorite Lantern!! I've had this lantern for a few weeks now and love it! For less than half the price of the Hozuki lantern, it's a steal considering how much light it produces and how functional it is! The candle mode feels like you have a real candle lit and is great for creating a more intimate setting. The only issue I did have was figuring out how to turn the light on at first, you have to hold down on the lens until the flash and then let go, once I figured this out it worked great! This feature is nice so it doesn't accidentally turn on in your backpack or something. If you are looking for a smaller sized lantern this is it, no question!
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good Marketing Snow Peak! Man! Good job on the marketing Snow Peak! I have to say, I was intrigued by the unique style of the light. Then I watched the product video and I was sold. I thought "Awww a couple in the woods gathering berries, I want to do that too". Asinine, I know but hey that's marketing for you. Advertising aside, this really is a great little lamp. Its super compact, and the magnet loop is extremely handy. It's great for reading in the tent (as most lanterns are almost too bright for reading). I actually really like the candle feature as well, it creates a cozy environment for some reason. It's also pretty darn bright for how small it is. It would be great for maneuvering around the house during a power outage, or even an alternative to a headlamp (if those aren't your cup of tea).
    Date published: 2014-03-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from excelent lamp I love this lamp! The light output is perfect for camping. This lamp puts out enough light to illuminate an entire picnic table or tent without disturbing neighbors. The color of the light is completely natural making it a pleasant accent to camping, nothing harsh about the LEDs. Reading a book was like reading with the light of a few candles. It's true that the shade can come off easily but if you go into a trip knowing this, it is not a problem.
    Date published: 2014-03-26

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