Sorel (1 match)

Sorel (1 match)

Sorel Brings
Boots To The
World Of Fashion

Founded in 1962, Sorel brings
the spirit and heritage of expertly
crafted boots to the modern world
of fashion where they inspire a
new generation of doers, builders
and creators.

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About Sorel

In 1962, craftsmen from one of Canada's coldest corners – the province of Ontario – created a high-performance snow boot. That boot raised the bar in durability and comfort, thanks to what is now a renowned and classic combination of sturdy leather uppers, rugged rubber bottoms and plush removable liners.

Today, Sorel continues to create the warmest and driest boots and shoes for men, women and kids.

Sorel improves the longevity of their boots by incorporating removable liners in most of their boot styles, to deliver warmth, durability and moisture-wicking magic for different needs. The waterproof construction and resilient build of these lined boots guarantee them a long life of hiking, snowshoeing and other outdoor adventures.

Sorel has also engineered that same extended level of weather protection into their casual boots, sneakers and sheepskin slippers for the everyday adventures of the entire family.

Translating the stunning landscapes that inspired their founders, Sorel now also creates a new generation of footwear that not only is built of the highest-quality materials and flawless construction, but is also fashionably bold.

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