Life is good (9 matches)

Life is good (9 matches)


There's a lot to love from Life is good, from cheerful shirts, pants and caps to feel-good bags, packs, water bottles, toys, games and other fun stuff.

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About Life is good

Life is good co-founders Bert and John Jacobs got their start selling T-shirts out of a van that they drove up and down the East Coast for 5 years. The brothers' fortunes changed dramatically the day they created Jake, the grinning, beret-wearing stick figure that launched the brand in 1994.

Today, Life is good has expanded its original product line from cheerful men's, women's and kids' clothing to a feel-good selection of day bags and packs, water bottles, dog gear, and games, toys and other fun stuff.

Even though the company has expanded to offer a full line of accessories, you'll still find plenty of Life is good men's shirts, women's shirts and boys' and girls' clothing to choose from. The now-familiar Jake cartoon figure shares design territory with an optimistic selection of hearts, flowers, butterflies and more.

Casting around for a new source of gifts? Share the good vibes with Life is good mugs, necklaces, cards, calendars and journals. Ready for a rest? Curl up with Life is good footwear, featuring socks for men, women and kids.

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