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About Chariot Carriers

Chariot puts you and your kids in the HOV lane to family fun with a full range of bike trailers, joggers and high-performance strollers.

Give the kids a head start on cycling with a carrier from Chariot Carriers. But why stop there? Armed with the right conversion kit, parents can also hike, run and cross-country ski with the younger set. Everyone wins: mom and dad get to continue their outdoor fitness pursuits, and kids get to join in on the fun.

Chariot Carriers has well-deserved reputation for innovation, solidified when the company introduced the SideCarrier: the world’s first-ever child’s bicycle sidecar. It’s like a motorcycle sidecar, placing the child alongside you within easy chatting and viewing range.

Many Chariot Carriers feature adjustable handlebars, sturdy spoked wheels, reflective fabric and removable weather covers that double as sunscreens and visors. These carriers are family-friendly transportation for all terrain and all weather.

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