Chaco (26 matches)

Chaco (26 matches)

About Chaco

Rafting guide Mark Paigen was working on the Colorado River when he began making water sport sandals for other rafting guides in the mid ‘80s. His little side enterprise continued to grow, and in 1989 became a bonafide footwear company called Chaco.

The original Chaco sandals featured a single, adjustable piece of webbing wrapped around the foot in what has become Chaco’s signature Z pattern.

From these first water sport sandals, the Chaco line expanded into other webbing styles such as flip-flops and slip-on sandals for men and women. And today, you can experience that same sandal comfort all year long with Chaco’s closed-toe leather shoes, slides and clogs.

Have kids? Chaco footwear comes in children’s sizes too. Choose from water sports sandals and leather shoes for kids, from tots to teens.

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