Arbor (14 matches)

Arbor (14 matches)

About Arbor

Arbor emerged on the skateboarding and snowboarding scene in 1995 Venice, California, with an environmental goal in mind. Inspired to sustain clear air to skate in and clean powder to snowboard on, Arbor began building environmentally conscious skateboards and snowboards.

Today, Arbor continues to produce men's, women's and kids' snowboards and skateboards with the planet in mind. Their key ingredients are all-wood topsheets, recycled steel edges and bio-plastic finishes.

Their popular snowboards are crafted for a durable, stable ride, even during tight turns or landings. Their directional and twin snowboard varieties are designed to deliver even during mixed conditions on the slopes.

Arbor longboards and streetboards are known to dish out amazing carves, thanks traction- and stability-focused wheels and a high-performance body. And with symmetrical, concave and rocker shape options, Arbor makes it easy to find a skateboard to suit your favorite place to slide and carve.

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