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Living Outside - Is This a Movement?

I just got back from a three week road trip and could of kept going. Thought it would be great to live that way for a while and was wondering if there may be a movement of people with the same idea. Outdoor people like myself tend to love the outdoors so much they would rather be outside.

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Lots of full time RVers out there;  think of it as a big van, although some actually are converted vans.  Lots of different options.  While I'm not full time and won't be, my wife and I have been RVers into our fourth year of the life. My sister in law and her husband, on the other hand, just retired from 15 years of full timing, so I do have some insight into that lifestyle. Trips for us range from a few days to our longest of six weeks. Anything from just a quick getaway in our mobile cabin to using it as a base camp for my Appalachian Trail section hiking. Check out some of the RV forums;  you'll likely find like minded folks.  Just to when your appetite, here's a good general purpose RV site:

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yes. I have the same itch to scratch. New to outdoor adventuring. Falling off the mainstream grid.


There's plenty of people doing that and not just in the US, but all over the world.

Here's two that I follow, you may want to check out their YouTube channels.


This first are two girls from the UK in a converted van traveling throughout Europe.

Camper Vibe - YouTube


This one is Eva, is a girl who converted a 15yo Land Rover and is also traveling throughout Europe and North Africa. She was scheduled to transport the Land Rover to the southern tip of South America and drive all the way to Alaska, but had to cancel a couple weeks ago because of COVID.

Eva zu Beck - YouTube