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Small things to increase sustainability at home

Hi all. I was wondering what small things you’ve started doing at home or in your daily life in the name of sustainability. I’ve used reusable shopping bags and produce bags for awhile, and I recently switched to shampoo and soap bars to cut down on plastic waste. Interested to hear what other people are doing to see how we can do better at home and be creative with sustainability. 

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@Artministry1, your sustainability efforts are appreciated! No trash is definitely ideal.

However, please make sure you are burning wood and paper in the most sound way possible. Wood burning is unfortunately a harmful addition to atmospheric pollution. For more information:



I didn't see this mentioned on other posts, but one of the key things our family did was to set the thermostat very carefully - we dropped the temperature in the winter and raised it in the summer a little (we have HVAC), but also divided the house in to two zones: the bedrooms are on one and the living rooms on the other - in that way we only ever have one zone running at one time. It really reduced our energy costs and is great for the planet... We bought Nest thermostats and they also have an 'Away' setting so that the system gets turned way down if it doesn't detect anyone in the house too.

Excellent point on setting the thermostat!

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