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Packaging that online orders are sent in

I have been an REI member for years and love the  company.  The reason for this message is to ENCOURAGE REI to begin using Paper Packaging for shipping Online Orders.  I live in a beautifully remote, rural community, hours away from any major city, and continuously see plastic packaging in our Osprey nests, Eagle nests, along the trail, while in the saddle of my horse, etc....

There is paper packaging that will function equally as well as the plastic the company is currently using and can decompose in all of our compost piles.

Please make this change ASAP, (like yesterday).

Thank you.

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@petergferre Thanks for reaching out!

We will pass along your feedback to our sustainability team, do you have a specific brand or style of paper packaging in mind? It would be great if we could send that information along as well. Also, we wanted to call out this thread, Concern with REI packaging as it relates to sustainability, where you can read about our sustainability efforts and how we are adding the How2Recycle logo to our packaging beginning in the coming weeks.

Thank you for the feedback!

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