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In praise of REI's Used Gear site

I just received the REI Passage 1 tent that I ordered from REI's Used Gear site, and set it up in my living room.  The condition report included in the product description indicated a small hole in the stuff sack, and a visible "X" also on the sack, and minor dust throughout.  This description was spot-on.  I really had to look for the hole in the sack, which was no more than 2 mm, and the dust was less than what I would have collected on a single night camping.  

This is not my first purchase from the Used site.  I have gotten gear, shoes, and clothing for myself, my grown children, and friends.  We even outfitted my daughter for an archaeological dig in Egypt almost entirely from the Used site. I have yet to be disappointed.  Not only have I saved a lot of money for myself, but have helped to minimize waste.  I don't know about you, but with anything new, I hate that first bit of dirt, or first scratch, but with Used gear, that issue has been eliminated, making it less "painful" to get out and put that item to use!

For any of you contemplating a purchase from the Used site, definitely feel confident in your purchase.  Just make sure that you read the condition report, and the reviews on the product so that you have realistic expectations as to what you will receive.  

I'm not, nor ever have been, an REI employee, but have been a member for several years.  This isn't a sales pitch, just genuine appreciation for the success I have had shopping the Used site.

Thank you REI!


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@Rob6 thanks for the feedback! We will pass it along to our Used Gear team!

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