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Comparing brands of trekking poles

I have used a pair of Black Diamond trekking for 7 years and have bent the bottom section on numerous occassions.  The poles have helped me greatly and I would not hike without them.  I recently saw a pair of Leki trekking poles at the AMC Joe Dodge lodge in New Hampshire and wondered how Leki poles stack up against Black Diamond.  I don't have the specific model of Leki poles but wondered if Leki poles were any better than Black Diamond.

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I use cascade mountain. Aluminum for me,  and my wife,  graphite.  Solid,  light,  inexpensive and they have great followup.  Replacement sections keep you from replacing the entire pole.


@es1983, both Leki and Black Diamond make great trekking poles. You'll want to compare and contrast the features of each model to ensure that you get what you want/need - this article on how to choose a trekking pole might be helpful!

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